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Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello Everyone,

Monday, Sept. 27, I will be consulting with the artist who is in the process of developing and painting the book cover for The Sign of the Eagle. She has finished the sketch work and we will go over it together to see what other changes should be made before the painting begins. I will keep you posted.

Although I am still waiting to hear from the agents and editors to whom I have submitted part of The Sign of the Eagle, I have not been idle. For more than a year, I have been writing the prequel, The Wolf of Britannia (working title). This is the story about Macha's father, Caratacus, and his fight against the invading Roman army which finally overran Britannia. I have written each chapter several times before submitting manuscripts to my writers support group, The Spokane Novelists, for review and critique. I will submit the entire manuscript in November to a professional editor, who spent several years with Harper-Collins & St. Martins Press, before going into private business. She has reviewed and critiqued The Sign of the Eagle. As a result, I did a major rewrite before she gave the story her final approval.

−Jess Steven Hughes
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Recently, a new movie, THE CENTURION, was released for a limited run around the USA. The story is a loosely based version of how the Roman Legion, the 9th Hispania was destroyed by Celtic Caledonian Tribesmen and women, in what is now Scotland, around 117 A.D. and how a few Roman survivors made their way back to Hadrian's Wall.The movie was a disappointment. One expects action, violence and death in any story about war, that is a given. However, in this movie it goes way over the top. It is one continual scene after another of gratuitous gore and violence. This could have been an otherwise great chase and story of survival. The viewer would have gotten the idea and would have enjoyed the movie more. This production almost makes the movie, GLADIATOR, seem like a church picnic, and GLADIATOR was a great movie. The DVD of THE CENTURION will be released in November. Don't waste your money either to rent or buy the flick.

On a better note. I received an email today from a British Literary agent in London, who requested to see part of the manuscript from the SIGN OF THE EAGLE. Wish me luck!

—Jess Steven Hughes
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