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Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello Everyone,

The painting of the cover for my novel is progressing nicely. Artist Katrina Hughes Brennen has created the background and is currently working on the forground which will include a picture of Macha. There is a lot of detailed work involved and will take time if it is to be done correctly. The final result will be worth the wait.

                                Did You Know?

One of the characters in The Sign of the Eagle is the Vestal Virgin, Antonia. The Vestals were keepers of the Sacred Flame of Rome found in the a small temple adjacent to the Forum in Rome.

Where did this originate and why? Before the discovery of flint and steel to start fires, primitive societies rubbed sticks together to produce fires. Most villages maintained a central hearth, where local people brought sticks to inflame, and take back to their homes. Gradually, temples to the Fire Goddess evolved with priestesses to perpetuate the holy fire.

In early Rome, even before it's official foundation in the 8th century B.C., the traditions of the House of Vesta and Vestal Virgins were established to tend the "Sacred Flame." So long as they kept the flame alive, Rome would survive all catastrophies. This cult was considered the holiest of all of Rome's many religions. Only the Emperor wielded greater power and influence.

When the Emperor Constantine established Christianity the state religion in the early 4th Century A.D., he outlawed all so-called "pagan" religions including the cult of Vesta. The Sacred Flame was doused for all time. The Western Roman Empire did not immediately fall as the prophecy had forseen, but it would be gone within 150 years (476 A.D.).

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