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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Book Update & New Trivia

Hello Everyone,

The Sign of the Eagle Update

I have been offered a contract by a publisher for The Sign of the Eagle. However, there are currently three more publishers currently reviewing the entire manuscript. The editor of one has informed me that he will have a decision for me within two weeks. One other I should hear from at anytime. The fourth may be several weeks away. However I will wait until I hear from the second and third editors before I make a decision. So, I should know which one I will go with before I write my next update.

Trivia Update

Be sure to check the trivia page for the latest article, The Horse Goddess Epona. As you will learn when you read about Macha, she was an avid horse rider.

Published Short Story: Death Most Poisonous

Reminder. You can still purchase the December 2010 issue of Down in the Dirt Magazine which features my historical mystery short story, Death Most Poisonous. Just click onto the short story page for details and the sample first page of the story.

Until next time, Vale! Farewell!

-Jess Steven Hughes

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