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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Publishing Update

Publishing Update


Within the last three weeks, I have sent out more queries and partial submissions for The Sign of the Eagle to publishers for consideration. That still gives me more than thirty in circulation. Since that time, an east coast publisher, to whom I had emailed a query and first chapter, replied back, requesting the entire manuscript, which in turn I sent.  However, because of my negative experience with Aberdeen Bay, I asked the editor if their publishing house took back the unsold copies from the book dealers or did they charge the authors for them? He answered that it was the burden and responsibility of the publisher to receive them back with no charge to the authors. I also checked websites, Predators & Editors and Absolute Write, and Google searched fifteen pages and found no negative information on this press. Wish me good luck on getting accepted by this one.



I am still busy on the rewrite of The Wolf of Britannia and reading from my latest novel, The Broken Lance, to the Spokane Novelist and Spokane Valley Writers Groups. They continue giving me good input and trash those areas that need work.


See the trivia page for my latest article, Wine in Ancient Rome.

That's all until next time.  Vale and farewell.



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