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Monday, August 15, 2011

August Update

Now that my wife, Liz, has made significant progress after having knee replacement surgery, I am spending more time writing.


The Sign of the Eagle


Three traditional publishers are still considering The Sign of the Eagle. I will hear from each one by the middle of the following months:  September, October and November. As I previously mentioned, there are two e-publishers who still want my novel, but I have to wait until September for one and January, 2012 before I can resubmit. There are two other e-publishers who are currently closed for submissions that I will also submit (if I haven't been accepted by the other publishers) once they reopen.




I am making progress in rewriting The Wolf of Britannia (working title), I have significantly picked up the pace and fast approaching the halfway point.


I am also reading chapters from The Broken Lance to the Spokane Novelist and Spokane Valley Writers Groups to get critiquing and feedback, essential if I am going to improve the novel's quality.


Short Story


Copies of the December, 2011 issue of Down in the Dirt literary magazine, which features my short story, Death Most Poisonous, is still available. Click onto the home page box, go to the column listing, Short Story Published, click onto: http://scars.tv and click on Down in the Dirt magazine.




Check out the latest installment,  "Public Baths and Bathing in Ancient Rome Part II" on the Trivia page.



That's all for now, Valete - Farewell everyone.



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