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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Publishing Update

The Sign of the Eagle


Currently, there are four traditional publishers considering all or parts of The Sign of the Eagle. I should hear from two of them within the next two weeks. The others I will hear from respectively in October and November. As mentioned in the last blog. There are still two e-publishers who want my novel. One will be opened for submissions in ten days and I will see if the guidelines are the same or if they have changed. What kept me from going with this particular one was the fact the novel could not be more than 75,000 words. My novel is 94,000. They accepted for publication but they wanted me to cut 19,000 words. There was no way I could do that without destroying the integrity of the story. I found this strange because their original submission requirement allowed for 100,000 words. So, I will see if the publisher will allow that length again. If so, I will submit.




I continue to make progress in rewriting The Wolf of Britannia (working title). I just completed the review and rewrite of chapter 24. My mentor, Patricia Pfeiffer, who has published eight historical novels, kicked it back to me three times before she was satisfied it was acceptable.

I continue to read from my latest historical, The Broken Lance, to the Spokane Novelist and Spokane Valley Writers Group each month. So far, they have critiqued the first eleven chapters, which I have subsequently rewritten. Both groups agree this novel is my best work to date. I have written thirty-six chapters but there will be closer to fifty before it is finished.


Short Story

Copies of the December, 2011 issue of Down in the Dirt literary magazine, which features my short story, Death Most Poisonous, is still available. Click onto the home page box, go to the column listing, Short Story Published, click onto: http://scars.tv and click on Down in the Dirt magazine.




Check out the latest installment, Public Baths and Bathing in Ancient Rome Part III on the Trivia page.


That's all for now, Valete - Farewell everyone.



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