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Monday, October 10, 2011

Exciting News!


Prospective Book Signings

Although still early, I have contacted the event coordinators and community relation managers at ten book stores and asked if they would be willing to host book signings for my novel, The Sign of the Eagle.  So far all have been receptive and requested that I email them details on the book, which I have. One down in the San Francisco Bay Area was so enthusiastic, that within an hour of emailing the info, she wrote back that once the release date for publication had been confirmed, she wanted me to notify her ASAP, so she could set up a book signing. The managers of three local book stores have also done the same. A good sign, but I will contact more stores and follow-up once I have a specific release date.


Reflections on writing and the importance of a writers support group



The Saturday after I was offered a contract for The Sign of the Eagle, I read another chapter from my latest historical novel, The Broken Lance, to the Spokane Novelist Group. I caught a few flaws as I read and so did the rest of the group, but they were minor. Reading to a group may not be as exciting as being offered a contract for my book, but they keep me honest. The members tell what works and what doesn't work, and have given me many constructive suggestions. I feel fortunate to have access to this group which has been around fifty years. With their help my writing improved immensely. Without it, the novel, The Sign of the Eagle, would have been a piece of garbage. I doubt if I would have found a legitimate publisher. With their support I have a better chance of getting The Broken Lance published as well.


Contract Update


Today I received an email from Sunbury Press informing me that they had received the two signed copies of the publishing contract for The Sign of the Eagle. Within the next two weeks I will receive from them a copy of the executed contract with a Welcome Aboard/Next Steps letter.


Valete! Fairwell!


Jess Steven Hughes


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