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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Publishing Update

Trivia Page


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Some of you might have wondered how I went about writing The Sign of the Eagle. First, I had to learn the techniques in writing a novel. Then I did the research before I wrote this particular novel and future ones. In each instant, it involved a lot of hard work. In the latest installment of the Trivia page, How I Researched for The Sign of the Eagle, I have laid out a basic outline of what was involved in writing the novel and the resources I used.


Saturday, November 7, I read another chapter from my latest historical, The Broken Lance to the Spokane Novelist Group. In this reading the main protagonist, Marcellus, and his cavalry unit who are attached to the Second Legion, participated in the battle of Maiden Castle (historical even) in Southern Britain. He winds up saving the life of his cavalry commander, Sextus Rufius, and is later informed he may be awarded the Corona Civica, one of Rome's highest awards, for saving the life of a Roman citizen. Once again the group found several minor flaws which I have since corrected. This is a tough group, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Rewrite continues on my Caratacus novel, The Wolf of Britannia. Currently I am writing chapter 28. This is a rewrite of an original chapter, but the perspective has changed so much, anyone who might have read it before would not recognize it now. It has grown so long that I will have to divide it into two chapters. I submitted it to my mentor, Patricia DeMars Pfeiffer, for review. She bled all over it and tossed it back. It will probably need a couple more rewrites before I continue on to the next and last chapter of Part I.

Prospective Book Signing Update

As of November 22nd, I have contacted 31 stores for prospective future book signings. Several stores, including three independent booksellers, select Barnes & Noble and Hastings Entertainment Stores have shown interest. The event coordinator at each site has asked me to obtain the ISBN number and release date before they can consider a signing. That is only reasonable.
 That is about all for now.

Valete! Fairwell!

Jess Steven Hughes

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