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Friday, January 6, 2012

Book Publishing Update

As of January 2, 2012, the editor from Sunbury Press assigned to reviewing my historical novel, THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE, finished her review. After making several minor changes, including changing the end of the story (which I rewrote when she said the original was too negative), and another final run-through with my approval, the manuscript has been sent to the publisher and is now in Que waiting its turn to be printed as galleys/proofs and return to me for review. Another step closer to getting the novel published. I also emailed reminders to several book stores, who showed an interest in a signing once it is published, re: its progress. 


Once I have reviewed the galleys and returned them to Sunbury Press, the next step will be sending me a proposed book cover. When that is approved, then I will be contacted by their marketing person who will go over how my novel will be marketed. Since they are a small press with a small advertising budget, the bulk of the work will be left up to me. I am aware of that and that is why I have contacted bookstore, been active on Facebook and on my website.



The Broken Lance

I will read chapter 18 from the historical, The Broken Lance, to the Spokane Novelist Group Saturday, Jan. 7th. We meet in the conference room of the Otis Orchards Branch of the Spokane County Library. They are a tough group, which is what I want, and will find any flaws that I might have overlooked. They have certainly done so on the previous chapters. 


In chapter 18 the main character, Marcellus a Spanish Cavalryman in the Roman Army, confronts the slave owner Rix who owns the slave woman, Kyar, who he wants to buy. He discovers Rix no longer has her in his possession.

The Wolf of Britannia (working title)


I am doing more rewrites on The Wolf of Britannia, currently working on chapter 31. This will be another brand new chapter, not originally seen in the previous drafts. As it was, I completed the rewrite that was formerly chapter 19; it was split into three chapters: 28, 29 and 30. I hope to complete the rewrite by the deadline set for November.

Book Signings


To date I have contacted more than 40 stores in the Pacific Northwest and the San Francisco Bay Area for prospective book signings. Most are waiting for the release date and ISBN number to available before they will commit themselves although several are very interested.


Guest Blogger


I was the guest blogger on author and historical novelist, Laura Vosika's blog. She is the author of the Blue Bell's Trilogy. She used my trivia piece about writing my novel, The Sign of the Eagle, for her current blog spot. If you want to check it out go to  http://bluebellstrilogy.blogspot.com/.



That's it for now, Valete! Fair well!

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