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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Sign of the Eagle Publishing Update


Proposed Book Cover for "The Sign of the Eagle"

Book Publishing Update 


At this time I am still waiting to receive the galleys/proofs of The Sign of the Eagle  from Sunbury Press. Currently the novel is ninth in the queue, which means it will probably be another four to six weeks before I receive the materials. When they arrive, they should be accompanied by several advance review copies (ARC's) of the book, including the proposed book cover. These in turn I will send to bookstores who have asked to see them before deciding on hosting a book signing event.


Book Signings


To date I have contacted more than fifty stores in the Pacific Northwest and San Francisco Bay Area for prospective signing events. Most are waiting for the release date and ISBN number to be available before committing themselves. However, more than twenty have informed me they will definitely consider hosting an event. If this holds true, I will probably sign at stores in the following states: California (2 locations+); Idaho (1 location); Montana (2 locations); Oregon (2 locations) and Washington State (13+ events). However, these still have to be finalized.




First Century Roman Cavalryman

First Century Roman Cavalryman

The Broken Lance


I will read chapter 21 from the historical, The Broken Lance, to the Spokane Novelist Group, Saturday, March 10th. We meet in the conference room of the Otis Orchards Branch of the Spokane County Library. This is a tough group who keeps me honest. They always find the flaws.


In this chapter, the main character, Marcellus, a Spanish cavalryman in the Roman Army receives the Corona Civica, one of Rome's highest honors, for saving the life of a Roman citizen in battle. It happens to be his commanding officer, Sextus Rufius.This also results in Marcellus's promotion to centurion by General Flavius Sabinus who has kept tabs on his activities. Sabinus informs Marcellus that he will become his personal retainer and will be leaving within a few days to accompany the general to Rome.

Wolf of Britannia

Wolf of Britannia


The Wolf of Britannia (working title)

I continue with the rewrites and new chapters of this historical novel. Currently, I am working on chapter 34, another new chapter. Caratacus accuses his older brother, Adminios, of plotting with the Romans (based on historical rumors) and the Emperor Caligula, to invade Britannia. Adminios is subsequently expelled and driven from Britannia (historical fact).


Pets and Hobbies


Check the Bio section for new winter pictures of my horses and one of my garden railroad. The railroad picture is featured in the July segment of the 2012 Garden Trains Calendar.


That is all for now.



Vale! Farewell!

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