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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blog Update and Book Signings

Since The Sign of the Eagle was published in late March, I have been very busy promoting the novel. I have sent complimentary copies to numerous book stores for consideration in holding a book signing events and/or retaining additional volumes for sale.


Recently, I sent copies to a couple local Spokane TV stations and to the newspaper, Spokesman-Review for possible interviews. I used the angle this is my first historical novel, and as a senior citizen, it shows that you can learn something new at any age.


Additionally, I sent books to the following places for review: Fictional Rome (The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey), Historical Novel Review, Historical Novels.info, Library Journal, Midwest Review and the Spokane County Library.


Last week I learned The Sign of the Eagle debuted number six in Sunbury Press's top ten best selling list for the month of March. Not a bad for being on the list for less than ten days.


As of this writing, four stores have set up book signings for me (see home page and click onto the book signing link). More should follow in the near future.


Besides Facebook, I am now on Twitter, Pinterest and Goodreads.Despite all my promotional activities, I am still working on my two other historicals, The Wolf of Britannia and The Broken Lance.


Wolf of BritanniaThe Wolf of Britannia

Finally, I finished the rewrite of Part I which expanded from 21 to 34 chapters. I am currently working on chapter 35 in which the Romans invaded Britannia in 43 A.D. Caratacus destroyed a Roman cohort ten miles inland from the beach landing, but knows it is only the beginning. Once again, Porcius is on the scene. I also introduce two new characters, General Aulus Plautius (historical character) and Centurion Marcus Valerius Bassus, who we see in The Sign of the Eagle as Senator Bassus.


Roman Cavalryman Broken LanceThe Broken Lance

Marcellus, now Flavius Sabinus's retainer, has traveled with him to Rome. Also accompanying them is Marcellus's friend, Crispus, who Marcellus persuaded Sabinus to promote to sergeant and be his aide-de-camp. Traveling with them as hostage is the Celtic Princess, Eleyne, daughter of King Verica. She is being brought to Rome to assure that her father remains loyal to Rome. Fortunately for her, and later Marcellus, she will stay as an honored guest at the home of Sabinus and his family.


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