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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Local Authors Visit Blanchard, Idaho Community Center

On Saturday, May 19, eight writers, including myself, participated in a joint book signing session in Blanchard, a remote and sparsely populated area of Northern Idaho. The presentation was made at the their local community center, a well-lighted spacious building, which includes a kitchen and meeting rooms. This was part of an out reach program to an area that seldom sees authors, let alone interacts with and ultimately signs their books. For us, it was a cultural education/shock to say the least. The authors represented a cross-section of genres of fiction and non-fiction, including historical (my story, The Sign of the Eagle), and mystery novels, local history, self-help and cook books, and religion.


Considering the sparse population, we had a nice turn out. The people were cordial and very appreciative that we had made the effort to travel to their area. The program started with a 5-7 minute presentation by each author who spoke his/her background, particular book and how they arrived at ideas for their tome. This was followed by author signings and finished with a Mexican themed lunch.


Even though there is little economic gain from going to such remote areas, it is important for authors to venture out into the public eye and connect with fans particularly in places where they aren't likely to visit. The Metro areas seem to get more attention which is not fair if you are a reader in a small town. 


Next signing event will take place at A Book for all Seasons Bookstore, July 14, in Leavenworth, WA, a major tourist resort.


That's all for now. Vale! Farewell!

Check out photos of the Blanchard, Idaho event
Steve with Sign of the Eagle BlanchardSteveSigningBlanchard.jpgStevespeakingBlanchardIdaho.jpg
Steve with Sign of the Eagle-Signing-Speaking at Blanchard, Idaho Community Center

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