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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

E-Book Update


Blog Update

To those of you who might have wondered if there was going to be an e-book edition of The Sign of the Eagle, your wait is over. The novel is now available on Kindle from Sunbury Press and Amazon.


I have signed a contract with Avalon Graphics to produce a promotional trailer (You Tube, etc.) for The Sign of the Eagle. Production will start in mid-June. I will let you know when it is completed.


Continuing Projects


Roman CavalrymanThe Broken Lance


Progress continues on my historical, The Broken Lance. An assassin was thwarted from killing the Celtic Princess and Roman Hostage, Eleyne, by Marcellus and his partner, Crispus, but unfortunately, her servant was murdered. Suspicion has been cast on a member of the Senate, who is believed to behind a gang of organized criminals, but so far no proof. However, Marcellus is about to learn where he can obtained incriminating evidence.


Wolf of BritanniaThe Wolf of Britannia

I am continuing my rewrite of this historical novel. In chapter 38, the invading Roman Army is almost at the River Medway. Caratacus prepares to meet them. Not all the Roman Legions are accounted for. He fears an encirclement and has sent out heavy patrols to see if they can discover where the missing legion may be.



That's all for now.


Vale! Farewell!


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