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Monday, August 20, 2012

Book Signing, Spokesman Article and Novel Update
JSH Book Signing
JSH All Things Irish Book Signing with Thomas Hughes...No Relation

Spokesman Review Article on Jess Steven Hughes and reaching a life long dream of writing a novel

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Spokesman Review 

New blog entry


It was 97 degrees last Saturday, Aug. 18th, when I conducted the book signing at All Things Irish, downtown Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. But it worked to my advantage because the tourists (this is a major lakeside resort town as Coeur d'Alene Lake has 388 miles of shoreline and is well known for its aquatic sports) came into the store to get out of the heat. I gave out all my fliers and most of my business cards and several bought signed copies of my novels. Others said they would download copies on to their Kindles. Apparently they kept their word because I checked Amazon.com the next day and discovered my sales climbed in the standings. The owners, Ilene and Craig Moss, were gracious hosts and allowed me to stay as long as I saw fit. They have invited me to return to conduct another book signing during the Christmas Holidays at which time I should sell even more books. I am looking forward to that.



Novel Writing Update.


The Wolf of Britannia


Work continues at a slow but steady pace. I am currently in the middle of rewriting three chapters dealing with the Battle of the River Medway. This was a disastrous defeat for Caratacus after which he scattered his combined tribal armies and resorted to guerrilla warfare for the next eight years. In this chapter I also deal with the death of his first wife, Rhian. This requires a major rewrite because I am no longer using her point of view (POV). Much work remains.


The Broken Lance


I am slowly going forward with this novel as well. Marcellus, the main character, who was a Roman cavalry sergeant and now centurion, is very much entrenched as Titus Flavius Sabinus's retainer and is well into the intrigues of Rome. After uncovering a conspiracy against the Emperor Claudius, which involved the corrupt and aging Senator Gallus the Elder, father of his enemy Gallus the Younger, the old senator committed suicide. However, this is not the last of Marcellus's encounters with the family as the younger Gallus returns to avenge his father's death and disgrace. In the meantime, Marcellus has fallen in love with Eleyne, the barbarian princess, who is also a royal hostage staying at the home of Sabinus. This presents a new set of problems for Marcellus and Eleyne as well because she too has fallen in love with him. More to follow.


That is all for this time around. Thank for your support.



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