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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Successful Book signing in Walla Walla, WA
Steve Signing Book for new fan Chloe Walla Wall Hastings 

The book manager, Ryan Christiansen and store manager, Travis Bosworth, said I was "awesome" and asked me to return next Spring for another signing. I don't think I can turn down such a gracious invitation. Enclosed is a picture of me signing a book for a new fan, Chloe


Visited Washington Wine Country


Walla Walla, Washington is located in the heart of the Columbia Basin wine country (more than 150+ wineries in the vicinity of Walla Walla). These wineries have produced many nationally and internationally acclaimed vintages. Some of you asked and yes I did stop at a few wineries--six. They were: Preston Wines (in the Tri-Cities area), Woodward Canyon, Waterbrook, L'Ecole 41, Three Rivers and Skylite. I will visit different ones next Spring when I return for another signing. Although I visited and bought a few bottles, all prior to the event, I did not sample anything. I do not like mixing drinking and driving and certainly did not want alcohol on my breath when dealing with the public.


Thank you to Hastings in Walla Walla, WA


I want to thank Hastings book manager, Ryan Christiansen; store manager, Travis Bosworth; and all the Hastings associates who were so helpful and accommodating in making this event a huge success.


Next Saturday, I will be signing at Hastings in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.


Works in Progress


The Wolf of Britannia (working title)


I am still in the process of reworking chapters 42, 43 and now 44 (I split up chapter 43) which deals with Caratacus's defeat and the death of his wife, Rhian.. My mentor, Patricia DeMars Pfeiffer, found a lot of flaws with chapter 43 as I expected. It was still quite rough, but I needed someone other than myself to see where improvements were needed (I knew I would have to make greater use of reactions and responses, the five senses and give the setting greater detail).


The Broken Lance


Although I last wrote I had suspended my writing for the time being on this project, I have completed forty-two chapters. Yesterday, Sunday, Sept. 16th, I read chapters 35 and 36 to members of the Spokane Valley Writers Group at Starbucks, inside the Spokane Valley Barnes & Noble store. Patricia found several flaws, but fortunately, they were minor and easily rectified. I will also be reading these chapters to the Spokane Novelist Group as well for much tougher and in-depth critique. However, because my busy book signing schedule, I won't be attending that group again until Oct. 27th.


2by7_Bookmark-Signofeagle-Front1.jpgBook Markers


I now have book markers for my novel. Tammi Knorr, Sunbury Press, did a wonderful job in designing and developing this one. I have received several compliments on how beautiful they are. Aunties Bookstore, Spokane, WA, asked me to leave several with them, after my book signing (Sept. 8th) to pass out to their customers. Tammi asked me to send her twenty which will be given out in the publisher's new store outlet. If you want one, you will have to attend one of my signings.  I will make the Sign of the Eagle Book Markers available to anyone who wants one in the near future, probably by mailing me a self-addressed stamped envelope.


That's all for now. Thank you for your support.


Jess Steven Hughes



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