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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Book Signing Update

Experienced another good book signing for THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE, Sat. Oct. 6th. This one took place at Hastings Books, Music & Videos - Lincoln Heights (part of the South Hill area)- Spokane, Washington. Lots of people stopped by, picked up and bought my novel. The book manager, Theresa Uptagrasst, said I was a great salesman and is going to schedule me for a Christmas signing in December (probably know by this coming Friday). This is close to home and with the snow and ice which will be around by that time, it suits me fine. I plan to keep my signings close to home during that period (I have one coming up the Saturday after Thanksgiving). In the enclosed picture I am signing a copy for a new fan, Sara.

I want to thank book manager, Theresa Uptagrasst, and all the Hastings Associates for their help in making this a successful event.



My next signing will be at Hastings Books, Music & Videos, 601 S. Pioneer Way, Moses Lake, Washington, Saturday, Oct. 13th, 1-4 p.m.



Novel in Progress - The Wolf of Britannia


My rewrite of this novel continues at a steady pace. I have rewritten chapter 44, which deals with the dispersing of Caratacus's warriors and breaking the news of Rhian's death to Dana. In addition, I have created a new chapter which describes a raid on Noviomagnus Harbor by Caratacus and he now has changed strategy and is now waging guerrilla warfare on the Romans. I have had these chapters reviewed by my mentor and author, Patricia DeMars Pfeiffer. She found mostly minor problems and with one more rewrite of each chapter, I will continue onward.



When I was visiting my son, Chris, and his family last week in San Jose, California, I spent some time at Barnes & Noble (the Pruneyard, Campbell) working on the rewrite of chapter 46. I will finish that once I complete the rewrites of chapters 45 & 46. This has been a long process and it is not completed yet by a long shot. Then I will continue work on The Broken Lance, which I had temporarily suspended.



New Author's Page on Amazon


I now have a new author's page on Amazon. It is still a work in progress, and hope to add the book trailer soon, but check it out anyway. Click onto this link http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B009D4BPQ2



That's all for now. Thank you for your support.



Jess Hughes

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