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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Moses Lake Book Signing

Moses Lake Hastings Sign of the Eagle fan Cindy

Book Signing


The turnout for the book signing for my historical, The Sign of the Eagle, at Hastings Books, Music & Videos, in Moses Lake, a farm community of 21,000 in Central Washington's Columbia Basin Region, was rather small. However, I still signed several copies, handed out all my information packages and met a lot of nice people. The manager, Kathryn DaSilva, was pleased with my efforts and has invited me to return for another signing in the spring.

I brought along for display the original oiled portrait of Macha, which was used for the book cover, and painted by my niece Katrina Hughes Brennan, a professional artist. The painting received many compliments and praise. I informed those who were interested, in knowing more about her work, to check my website where they would find details about contacting her.  I want to thank book manager, Kathryn DaSilva and all the Hastings associates for assisting and allowing me to host this event.


In the attached picture I am signing a copy of THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE for Cindy, a new fan.

Next Saturday, I will be signing copies at Hastings, Missoula, MT.


The Wolf of Britannia - A Work in Progress


The work on "Wolf" continues. I am now rewriting chapters 46 & 47. Porcius had returned to Rome after the initial invasion of Britannia (44 A.D.) and three years have passed. He received a message to meet with General Plautius, who has also returned to Rome. In the meeting Plautius warns him to go back to Britannia because Emperor Claudius's new wife, Agrippina, is attempting to have Porcius put to death for a remark he made about her. He thought he had said it secretly, but it was discovered. Taking the advice of the General, he does return.

At this point I will break up the chapter. The second part of 46 will be a new 47. In this section, Porcius meets up with the young Centurion Bassus once again. Bassus had been sent to Porcius's home in Britannia to advise him that the new commander of Rome's forces, Scapula wants to see him immediately. Porcius is to negotiate an alliance with Cartimandua, Queen of the Brigantes.


Website Notes


If you have been curious as to how I researched and wrote, The Sign of the Eagle, click onto the Notes Page and read Research for my Book. This will give you an idea of what it takes to write and publish a novel--it isn't easy.


That is all for now. Thank you for your support.


Jess Steven Hughes

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