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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Missoula Book Signing
New fan Diana from Missoula, MT



On Saturday, May 20th, I conducted another successful book signing @ Hastings Books, Music & Videos--this one in Missoula, Montana. After getting off to a slow start, the people really showed up during the last couple of hours, and it turned out to be the best session that I have yet to host. Again, I had the portrait of Macha, painted by my niece, Katrina Hughes Brennan, which was used for the book cover of The Sign of the Eagle, on display. This received many compliments, and those who were interested in more details I referred to my website.


Missoula is home to the University of Montana and also offers one of the best creative writing programs in the western USA. There is a big writers colony here. It seemed that every other person who came to the store was wearing a Montana Grizzlies jacket, Jerseys or shirt (it is also a big football town). Regardless, they like historical fiction and definitely wanted copies of THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE.


I want thank Hastings associate, Allison, of the book department, and the other Hastings associates for being so accommodating and making this my most successful signing to date.


Work in Progress - the Wolf of Britannia

The rewrite of my historical novel, The Wolf of Britannia (working title) continues. I finished the rewrite of chapters 46 and 47 and had it reviewed by my mentor and fellow author, Patricia DeMars Pfeiffer (I dedicated The Sign of the Eagle to her). After making the changes she suggested, I finished and now am reviewing and rewriting chapter 48. This may also be split into two chapters. In this chapter the Roman, Porcius, has been dispatched by General Scapula, now Imperial Governor of Britannia, to negotiate an alliance with Cartimandua, Queen of the Brigantes, a Celtic tribe in Northern Britannia.


More Writer Activities

Last Sunday, Oct. 21st, I met with the Spokane Valley Writers Group @ Starbucks, inside Barnes & Noble--Eastside (Spokane Valley) store. I read chapters 37 & 38 from my other ongoing historical novel, The Broken Lance. These chapters dealt with a confrontation between my main character, Marcellus, who is a retainer for Flavius Sabinus, and his enemy, the young tribune and soon to be senator, Gallus. The group found only minor problems and these chapters will be eventually read to the Spokane Novelist Group for a tougher evaluation.


My primary emphasis at this point is to complete the rewrite of Wolf of Britannia first. I have a deadline with my book doctor, Erin Brown, May, 2013. So, The Broken Lance, I am rewriting only when I have spare time which has not been much lately. However, I will be attending the Oct. 27th meeting of the Spokane Novelist Group and will read from The Broken Lance. Because of the numerous book signings I have conducted, I have missed several of their meetings. This will be the first one I have attended in more than two months. It will be the only one I attend until December because I am conducting five more book signings during November.


That's all for now. My next book signing will be at Hastings Books, Music and Videos, Wenatchee, Washington, Nov. 3rd. Thank you for your support.


Jess Hughes

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