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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blog Update-Book Signing
New Fan Mirsa
New Fan Mirsa at Hastings Book Signing

Book Signing


Another good book signing day. On Sat, Nov. 3rd, I spent the late afternoon signing many copies of my historical novel, THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE, at Hastings Books, Music & Videos, Wenatchee, WA. It got off to slow start but to use a musical phrase, it ended with a resounding crescendo. Met lots of nice people with whom I discussed the novel, gave lots of informational packets and book markers.


I also had on display the oiled portrait of Macha, used for the book cover, that was painted by my niece, Katrina Hughes Brennan, who is a professional artist. The picture received a lot of compliments not to mention questions as to who was the artist that painted the piece. I was only too glad to tell them.


I want to thank book manager, Martha Lynn, and associates Sara and Thomas for making this a very successful event.


In the accompanying picture I am signing a copy for a new fan, Marisa.


Next Saturday, I will signing at ALL THINGS IRISH in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.


Autographs for Ebooks


For those of you who read ebooks on Kindle, you can now obtain an electronic signature for your copy of The Sign of the Eagle by clicking onto the below link. There it will ask you to click onto signature request. In turn I will receive an email and will be able to electronically sign your copy.


Jess Steven Hughes Autograph


Novel in Progress: The Wolf of Britannia


The rewrite continues on The Wolf of Britannia (working title, I'm open to title ideas). I finished the rewrites on chapters 48 and 49. After many raids and guerrilla attacks on Roman positions, Caratacus is forced to withdraw north into the land of the Ordivices (Wales) where he will make a final stand (he doesn't know it yet) at the hill fortress of Carsws. He has asked Queen Cartimandua for aid. While she promises to send him reinforcements "when the time is right" she has failed to send them.


The Broken Lance


I read chapter 30 to the Spokane Novelist Group, Saturday Oct. 27th, in which I depict a very graphic and horrifying torture scene. Prior to the reading I had sent this and two other chapters to my book doctor/editor, Erin Brown, for an evaluation before continuing the writing (which has been limited since my priority is "Wolf"). She loved it and said it was well written. I won't be attending any more meetings until after Christmas because of my book signings which continue through November and December.


That's all for now. Thank you for your support.


Jess Hughes

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Number Two in Sales

For the month of October, The Sign of the Eagle was number two overall in sales for printed books for Sunbury Press and number one in fiction for print sales as well.

See link for details:


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