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Monday, January 14, 2013

Book Signing Follow-Up
New fan Layana & Kaylie.JPG
New fan, Lanaya and daughter Kaylie


Book signing follow-up.


Although the traffic was slow, it was steady at Hastings in Spokane Valley, WA where I signed copies of my historical, THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE. I sold a lot more copies than I expected for a January which is usually slow for signings. I talked to a lot of friendly people and they appreciated the fact that I was a local author. Book manager, Holly, said, "You were awesome!" I won't complain. She wants me back in May for another signing. A big thanks to Holly and all the Hastings Associates who for assisting me and making this another successful signing. I will be on a two-month hiatus from signing (have to finish my next novel, THE WOLF OF BRITANNIA) and then in the middle of March I will undergo a two month signing run culminating Mother's Day weekend.


Ongoing Writing Projects


The Wolf of Britannia (working title)


In my last entry I explained that although I had completed the rewrite as far as chapter 52, I realized that I had left out some vital information needed for the story in chapters 50 and 51. I went back and did significant rewrites. The most important one is a scene in which Caratacus spends the last evening with his wife Dana and daughter Macha. He does this before he sends them and the rest of the warrior families to safety, before battling the Romans, at the hill fortress of Caesws, in what is now Wales. I ran both chapters past my mentor and author of historical fiction, Patricia DeMars Pfeiffer, for her review. She found several flaws in chapter 51, dealing with battle preparations, which I corrected, but very little in chapter 52. She said I wrote a very poignant and moving scene of the family together. Now I can concentrate of chapter 52. I need to get this novel wrapped up and ready for my book doctor/editor. As it is, the novel has grown too long at 144,000 words and will need to be cut to around 120,000. I am hoping the book doctor will advise me of specific areas to edit.


The Broken Lance


Even though my main emphasis is completing "Wolf" I rewrote another chapter (43) for The Broken Lance. In this one chapter Marcellus witnesses a great mock naval battle between 3,000 gladiators in the Augustan Naval arena which was located on the westside of the River Tiber. A very popular gladiator, Candra, who was Flavius Sabinus's (Marcellus's patron) ex-slave was slain during the games, despite the crowd asking Emperor Claudius for mercy. A bloody riot ensues involving Marcellus who is commander of the forces assigned to preventing just such a fiasco.


Book Review


I guess it was inevitable that my novel received a negative book review. One reader (see below link) gave it a two star rating and wrote that it was amateurish. Fortunately, many readers did not agree. Next to the question, "Was this review helpful (yes or no), nine out eleven people clicked the "no" button, obviously saying it was not. I know that people's tastes in book varies and what appeals to one may not appeal to others. This particular review I found to be very snarky in what it had to say. Fortunately, out the the eleven reviews that have been written about The Sign of the Eagle, this is the only one I consider to be very negative. Below is the link which will take you to the reviews, I leave to you, the reader, to make up your minds if you agree or not with this review.


Book Review link


If you have any comments or questions about anything I have written about in this particular blog entry or any others, and so long as they aren't of a durogatory nature, please feel free to either leave a message in the "comment" segment on the blog page or email me at jessstevenhughes@hotmail.com.


That's it for now. Thank you for your support.


Jess Steven Hughes

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