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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blog Update

On-Going - The Wolf of Britannia - Possible Duology? Wolf of Brittanica

I am currently working on chapter 56, only three chapters to go. However, I have run into to a dilemma, the manuscript is nearly 160,000 words long! Most publishers want no more than 120,000 max for a historical novel. What to do?


I contacted Lawrence Knorr, publisher of Sunbury Press, who published my historical, THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE and explained the situation. I asked if he was willing to consider publishing the novel in two parts? I can easily break it into part I, Caratacus's rise to power in Southern Britannia and part II the Roman invasion of Britannia. Each volume would be approximately 80,000 words.


He answered that he will consider breaking THE WOLF OF BRITANNIA into two books, a duology, if I can show they will stand on their own as an entertainment value. He is willing to work with me toward that end. He also questioned, given the fact this story is about Macha's (The Sign of the Eagle) father, would her story eventually be the third volume of a trilogy?


I also contacted my book doctor/editor, Erin Brown, about the situation as well. She said she will review the manuscript from two aspects: can the novel work as a duology or is it better suited as a one volume work only. If the latter, I would have to slash 40,000 words, reducing it to a 120,000 word manuscript. That is twenty-five percent of my work! Instead, if I can divide it, I will revise each volume so they can stand alone. Erin is scheduled to review the manuscript in May. Given the time, I know I can make this project work.


The Broken Lance      Roman Cavalryman Broken Lance


On Sunday, February 17th, I met with members of the Spokane Valley Writers Group, inside Starbucks at the Barnes & Noble in Spokane Valley, Washington. I read chapter 42 from The Broken Lance. This chapter is a build up to the great mock naval battle in the Augustan Naval Arena known as the Naumachia, which takes place in chapter 43.


There was some debate as to whether the opening pages were a narrative transition, just telling or a historical dump. They found it informative but still questioned the style. In my mind this is a narrative transition. If I have to break this narritive down into several scenes, the chapter would become too lengthy, and I would have to divide it into two chapters. As it is, I also see this novel being divided into a duology and perhaps a trilogy.


Book Signings


I will start another round of book signings for The Sign of the Eagle, Friday, March 8th, 3-8 p.m. at Hastings Books, Music & Videos, 139 Thain Road, Lewiston, Idaho. The signings will continue through to Friday, May 10th. Click onto the Book Signing page of this website for the complete schedule. More to follow in future blogs.

That's all for now. Thank you for your support.


Jess Steven Hughes





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