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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Book Signing Update



Another good book signing. This one took place 040513 at Hastings Books, Music & Videos, Shadle Park, Spokane, Washington. I signed here back in November, Thanksgiving Weekend and broke the store record for most sales by a local author. I didn't break any records this time, but still signed more copies than I expected. Met lots of good people again, gave out flyers and received compliments on the book cover portrait painted by my niece, Katrina Hughes Brennan. The book manager was very pleased, and said I was the store's best bookseller and to return anytime. I want to thank Book Manager, John Klapp, and the rest of the Hastings Associates for assisting me in another successful book signing.


I want to thank Book Manager, John Clapp, and all the other Hastings Associates for making this a successful event.

hastings Shadle Park new reader Tiffani2.JPG
Pictured with me is another new reader/follower, Tiffani.




I conducted a very successful book signing for my historical, THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE, at Moscow, Idaho Hastings Books, Music & Videos, Saturday, April 6. This is a college town, home of the University of Idaho. Eight miles due west on the same highway, is the town of Pullman and the main campus of Washington State University. Hastings is "the only game in town" for both communities and the traffic was very heavy. It seemed that every person who entered the store, regardless of age, was wearing a college jacket from U. Idaho, Washington State, Gonzaga (I should have worn mine and would have fitted in) Eastern Washington or Oregon. People from all walks of life, including students and professors bought copies of my novel. The number of copies The number of copies I signed went far and above all my expectations. The store manager was so pleased, he asked me to return in October for another signing.


I want to thank store manager, Michael, and book associate, Esme (she is working on her Masters in Creative Writing) and the rest of the Hastings Associates for assisting me in making this signing a resounding success!


Pictured with me is a new reader/follower, Tessa.


Future Book Signings


I will signing copies at Hastings Books, Music & Videos Stores:

(1)    617 S. 9th, Walla Walla, Washington, Friday, April 12, 3-8 p.m.

(2)    315 Ninth Avenue, Wenatchee, Washington, Saturday, April 13, 1-7 p.m.

See you there!


The Broken Lance (ongoing project)BrokenLanceclipart2.jpg


As I previously mention in my last blog entry, I have completed the rewrite of The Wolf of Britannia and now waiting to have it reviewed by my book doctor. I have now completed the rewriting of The Broken Lance up to chapter 46. Although The Spokane Novelist Group has yet to review chapter 33 and onward, Patricia DeMars Peiffer has taken the lead and has reviewed the chapters up to 41 and is currently reviewing chapter 42. Because of the length of this novel, I am considering splitting the novel into three parts or a trilogy. Part I, which ends with the main character, Marcellus, departing Britannia for Rome, and Part II, the end of chapter 44, in which Marcellus is exiled back to his homeland, Hispania, are natural endings for the first two parts of the story. Part III, which will deal with Marcellus's return to Rome and culminate in 69 A.D., the great civil war, will tie all the ends up.



Thank you for your support.


Jess Steven Hughes

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