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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Book Signing Update: Boise

Book Signing Follow-up Part I.


Spent Friday and Saturday in the Boise, Idaho area, conducting two book signings of my historical, THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE. The first one was at Hastings Books, Music & Videos in Meridian, a suburb of Boise. Met a lot of fine people, gave out lots of flyers and signed copies of my book. The traffic was not as heavy as I had been use to from my past signings (I guess I have been getting spoiled), but still it was a good experience. There are a lot of good people here.

I want to thank Book Manager, Trina, and all the Hastings associates for their support.


New readers Linda & Karin.JPG
Pictured above is new readers Linda and Karin


Book Signing Follow-up Part II.


My second signing of my historical, THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE, took place at Hastings Books, Music & Videos at the Fairview Avenue store in Boise, Idaho. This is the biggest and busiest of three Hastings stores in Idaho's state capitol. This turned out to be an excellent signing (more to what I am use to). Again met lots of fine people, answered lots of questions re: my niece, Katrina Hughes Brennan's portrait of my main character, Macha, which was used for the book cover, and signed many copies of my book. Also met a well-known movie actor who was visiting a relative in town. He asked me not to mention his name as he wanted to keep a low-profile. He asked me about the writing business as he considered me a fellow artist. Nice compliment.


Book Manager, Myranda, said I did an "awesome job" and would like me to return in the Fall for an encore. I want to thank her and the rest of the Hastings associates for their support in making this signing a positive experience.


Fairview store new readers Larry & Lisa.JPG
Pictured above is Fairview Store new readers Larry & Lisa


The Broken Lance (novel in progress)Roman Calvaryman


Finished the rewrite of a new chapter (47) in my latest historical, THE BROKEN LANCE. Will give it to my mentor Patricia DeMars Pfeiffer, author of eight historicals, for review. My main character, Marcellus, formally a Spanish Cavalry officer, now a tribune, has been recalled to Rome after spending six years in exile. Nero reigns and his tyranny grows worse with each passing day.


Book Signings


I will be signing copies of The Sign of the Eagle at the following locations next weekend:


1. Hastings Books, Music & Videos, 11324 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley, Washington, Friday, May 3rd, 3-8 p.m.


2. Hastings Books, Music & Videos, 2501 Brook St., #A, Missoula, Montana, Saturday, May 4th, 1-7 p.m.


That's all for now. Thank you for your support.


-Jess Steven Hughes

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