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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Book Signing No.1.


Friday, May 3rd, I hosted a signing of The Sign of the Eagle at Hastings Books, Music & Videos, Spokane Valley, WA. Unfortunately, this was the first disappointment I encountered on my "tour" this Spring. It was a success by management's standards but not mine. I did not sign nearly as many as I would have liked. Regardless, I want to thank all those people who did show up and Store Manager, Omar, and Associate, Mary, who did all they could to accommodate me. They are good people.


I did a follow-up with Book Manager, Holly, Sunday afternoon. Despite the low numbers, (by my standards) she was still impressed by what I sold and has scheduled me for another appearance at the store in November.


Book Signing No.2.


Saturday, May 4th, I signed at Hastings in Missoula, MT and that by far and away made up for the disappointing showing in Spokane Valley. Signed lots of copies of The Sign of the Eagle. Book Manager John Gross said, "I can't remember when anyone has signed as many books as you have." I will take that as a compliment anytime. This is a very busy store. Management would like me to return in the Fall. I want to thank Book Manager, John Gross, and Associates Clay and Allison for all their assistance.


New Reader Stacy
Attached is a picture of new The Sign of the Eagle reader Stacy


Ebook Reminder.


Just as a reminder The Sign of the Eagle is available as an ebook on Kindle from Amazon-ebook Kindle The Sign of the Eagle and is on Nook by Barnes & Noble -Nook ebook The Sign of the Eagle


The price for each is only $4.99. Check it out!


Book Signing Reminder


This Friday, May 10th, I will be signing copies of The Sign of the Eagle at Hastings Books, Music & Videos, Lincoln Heights Store, 2512 E29th Avenue, Spokane, Washington, 3-8 p.m. This will be the last signing of the "season." I will return in the Fall to conduct a limited number of signings. These will probably be the last for this novel as I am concentrating on getting my next novel, The Wolf of Britannia, published (hopefully) by Summer/Fall 2014.

That's for all for now. Thank you for your support.


-Jess Steven Hughes

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