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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Book Signing Update

Book Signing Follow-up


I have to be blunt, the book signing I held at Hastings Books, Music & Videos, 2512 E. 29th Ave., Spokane, WA, was a dud. I signed only one copy of The Sign of the Eagle. The weather was in the mid-80's, and it was too beautiful to be inside buying books. Not only did book sales suffer (mine wasn't the only book), but so did sales of music and videos--the store was dead. I have to admit the "season" for book signings is over (for the most part) by the end of April. I know I have become very spoiled because my signings up to this point have been very successful--I should have known it could not last. Despite a down book signing, the book manager asked me to return in November for an encore signing. I have received this request from most other managers as well. I will conduct a limited number of signings in October and November as I transition from this novel to my next historical, The Wolf of Britannia. See below for more details.


The Wolf of Britannia Wolf of Brittania

I have sent a copy of the manuscript of my historical, The Wolf of Britannia, to my book doctor/editor for review. Because it is more than 160,000 words, I have asked her to check to see if it is viable as a duo-logy. If not, to make specific suggestions as to what I should slash from the manuscript. For a one volume work, the maximum most publishers will accept is 120,000 words. In that case, I would have to cut twenty-five percent of my work. I hope that can be avoided. The publisher at Sunbury Press said they would hate to see that happened and will try and work with me to make a duo-logy a viable solution. I am hoping for the best. It will be approximately one month before I receive her evaluation.


The Broken Lance (ongoing) Roman Calvaryman


I completed the rewrite of chapter 48 of The Broken Lance and gave it to my mentor, Patricia DeMars Pfeiffer for review. In this chapter the main character, Marcellus, who has returned from exile to take command of Rome's City Guard, along with his patron, Titus Flavius Sabinus, are attending one of the many extravagant dinner parties hosted by the Emperor Nero. I will only say Marcellus is confronted by the Emperor and by his old enemy, Gallus the Younger. Tension abounds in this chapter. This novel may well become a triology.


Notes on the Ancient World (encore) Roman Graffiti of Nero
                                                                      Roman Graffiti of Nero


Check my page, Notes on the Ancient World. You will find an encore of a previous article, Roman Graffiti. If you have not previously read it, you will find that graffiti was just as common in Ancient Rome as it is today. In other words, nothing is new under the sun.



Book Sale Reminder ereader.jpg


For those of you who have Ereaders, The Sign of the Eagle is available on Kindle and Nook for only $4.99. Check it out!


That is all until next time. Thank you for your support.


Jess Hughes

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