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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Book Update


Five Minute Fiction Contest


I was the guest judge for a five minute flash fiction contest held Tuesday, June 11 on Author Wendy Strain's website.  The site is Write On Wendy  The contestants were given five minutes to write a few paragraphs of flash fiction that had to be in the historical vein with at least one actual historical reference. The winner would receive an autographed copy of my historical novel, The Sign of the Eagle. It turns out only three people participated.  Two entries were Roman related and third about a lady of nobility and the Loch Ness Monster. The winner's story was related to the discovery of Julius Caesar's chamber pot in Britain--it was hilarious.


The Sign of the Eagle Now Available as a Returnable Book from Barnes & Noble


For sometime my publisher, Sunbury Press, has attempted to get my novel, THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE, into the Barnes & Noble System as a returnable book or what they define as a "whole volume." Finally, at long last, my book is now classified as such. This means I can now sign books in their stores because any unsold copies can be returned. One store, Spokane Valley (Eastide), WA Barnes & Noble wants me to conduct a signing at their store. I notified their community relations manager of the change and he has arranged for a signing, October 5. The B&N in Kennewick, Washington will schedule me for a signing sometime in the Fall. I have notified several other B&N stores and will let you if any of them are interested in hosting an event. Barnes & Noble The Sign of the Eagle

New FaceBook Author's Page Sign of the Eagle book cover


I have a new author page, THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE, on FaceBook. I will post excerpts from the novel and any information related to book signings, etc. Facebook The Sign of the Eagle

New Ebook Outlet for The Sign of the Eagle


Just as an FYI, THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE is now available as an ebook from the Sony ebook store for only $4.74.


Sunbury Press is currently negotiating with Kobo ebooks to have their book included in their electronic format as well. Sony Ebook Store The Sign of the Eagle


Spokane Novelist Group Roman Calvaryman


Spent all of Saturday afternoon, June 15th, with the Spokane Novelist Group on a mini-writers retreat a remote private ranch home of one of our members in the mountains of North Idaho. It was a beautiful setting for writing and critiquing our works. Lunch was provided as well. We'll probably return for a full day in the future. Read from a party of another chapter from my ongoing historical, The Broken Lance. The group found several minor faults but nothing that cannot be rectified in another draft. I really appreciated the critique. Now that book signings are over until October, I will be able to attend the group's meetings on a regular basis. They are held the second and fourth Thursday of every month, usually at the Spokane County Library, Otis Orchards Branch, Otis Orchards, Washington.


Progress Report on The Wolf of Britannia Wolf of Brittania


Near the end of May, I sent a copy of my manuscript, The Wolf of Britannia, to my book doctor/editor Erin Brown for review. She told me it would probably take a month. The first week of June she sent me an email saying that I had done a terrific job in rewriting the novel using the suggestions she had made. She was thoroughly enjoying the read. When she is finished she will return the manuscript (something she usually doesn't do) with specific changes or cuts to either turn it into a duo-olgy or pare it down to one book (that would mean slashing about 25,000 words). Personally, I hope it can be divided into a duo-ology.


That's about all for now. Thank you for your support.



Jess Steven Hughes

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