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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

B&N Book Signings

Book Signings at Barnes & Noble Booksellers


I conducted three very successful book signings of my historical, The Sign of the Eagle, at Barnes & Noble stores in Federal Way (0928) and Silverdale (0929), and Spokane Valley (100513),Washington. In each case I sold out the entire stock of books on hand. Met lots of good people, gave out flyer's and book markers and received many positive comments about the portrait painted by my niece Katrina Hughes Brennen, for the book cover.


The assistant manager at the Spokane Valley store, Steve, complimented on how good I was at selling books. He said most authors who come to their store sell very few copies or none at. "They sit like rocks and we have to coach them. Now, you have a track record with us and we want to return for another signing." Thank you, Steve.


Verne, the weekend store manager at Silverdale made similar comments. He said, "Most of the authors that come into our store sit around and twiddle their thumbs and they can't understand why they don't sell any books. You are good, I want you to come back to our store for another signing."


Enclosed is an email, I received from the Silverdale Store re: my signing at their store. It may give you an idea of how I approach my book signings.


Jess, we very much appreciated having you in our store Sunday. The feedback was positive, and said you were extremely personable and greeted everyone who came within an arm's reach, which is no very small feat in our store! I saw you also sold out of all the books that I had ordered in. I hope the rest of your signings go well, and we look forward to possibly having you back for book #2!  Have a wonderful Fall...............


Ruthanne Devlin

Community Relations Manager

Barnes & Noble Booksellers

10315 Silverdale Way NW at Kitsap Mall

PO Box 250

Silverdale, WA 98383


I want to thank Community Relations manager, Carla, Federal Way store and Ruthann, CRM and store manager, Verne, of the Silverdale store and Steve the weekend manager at Spokane Valley for their kind support.

New Reader Connie at B&N at Federal WayNew Reader Lee at B&N at Federal Way
New Reader Connie                                    New Reader Lee

The enclosed pictures are (1) New reader Connie at the Federal Way Store, 092813; (2) New reader Lee at the Silverdale Store 092913. No picture available for the Spokane Valley store, they came out too blurry.


Next Saturday, Oct. 12th, 12/5 p.m., I will be signing at Barnes & Noble, 1321 N. Columbia Center Blvd., #700, Kennewick, Washington.


The Wolf of Britannia (Rewrite in Progress)


I am making slow but steady progress on my rewrite of The Wolf of Britannia. I completed the rewrite of two more chapters. I am now at the half-way mark of the first of two books in what will be published as a duo-logy. I hope to have the rewrite completed by Spring and no later than Summer 2014. I am slow but careful writer and that is what is taking me so long. I hope you will be patient.


Ancient World Notes


When I publish the next installment of my blog, I will be also starting a new series, in my Ancient World Notes section, about law enforcement in Ancient Rome. It will be titled, Maintaining Public Safety in Ancient Rome. You will learn about the origins of policing in the City of Rome, which are sketchy at best. It is believed slaves were first used, followed by the establishment of the Vigiles, The Watch, who also performed fire fighting duties and later, the Urban Cohorts, used for quelling riots.


Don't forget I am on Twitter and FaceBook


For you twitter users, you can also follow me on Twitter@Jessstevenhughe. And don't forget, besides my FaceBook page, I have an author's page, The Sign of the Eagle. Check it out.

That's about it for now, I hope to see you at one of my book signings this Fall. Thank you for your support. Until next time, Salve et Vale! Hale and Farewell!


-Jess Hughes

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