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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Book Signings and Updates

Book Signings at Barnes & Noble Booksellers and Hastings Books, Music and Videos

New Reader Angie in Kennewick, WA
New Reader Angie in Kennewick, WA

Since my last blog I have conducted very successful book signings for my historical, The Sign of the Eagle, at the following stores. All have been sellouts: Barnes & Noble, Kennewick, WA (Oct. 12th); Hastings Books, Music & Videos, Wenatchee, WA (Oct. 18th); Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Olympia, WA (Oct. 19th) and Hastings Books, Music & Videos, Boise, ID (Oct. 26th). Again, I met lots of great people, handed out flyers and discussed the novel with them. The portrait of Macha, used by the publisher, Sunbury Press, for the book cover which I had on display, and painted by my niece Katrina Hughes Brennen, received many compliments. I also received compliments from the store and book managers, e.g. "awesome job; you can return anytime you want (for a book signing), etc. I received the following compliment from the assistant store manager, Mike, and book manager, Steve, both from Hastings, Boise, ID in which they said I was the best author the store had ever seen. Not just because of my sales but also the fact I greeted everyone that entered the store and interacted so well with the people. They weren't use to seeing anything like. "The last guy that was here," Steve said, "sat at the table with his books and looked down at the table the whole time. He didn't sell a copy and wondered why. That's the kind of writers we usually get here. You can return anytime you want for a signing." Thank you Mike and Steve for your kind remarks.

New Reader Ruby in Wenatchee, WA
New Reader Ruby in Wenatchee, WA

I want to thank the following store and book managers for allowing me to sign at their stores and their assistance in making each and every book event a success: Wendy Lily, B&N, Kennewick, WA; Martha Lynn, Hastings, Wenatchee, WA; Kim, B&N, Olympia, WA; Mike and Steve, Hastings, Boise, ID.

New Reader Jessica in Olympia, WA
New Reader Jessica in Olympia, WA

Next book signing will be at Barnes & Noble, 18025 Garden Way, Woodinville, WA (Seattle area), Saturday, Nov. 2nd, 12-4 p.m.

New Reader Rachael in Boise, ID
New Reader Rachel in Boise, ID


The following pictures are: 101213 signing Angie's book @ B&N, Kennewick; 101813 signing Ruby's novel @ Hastings, Wenatchee; 101913 signing Jessica's book @ B&N, Olympia; 102613 signing Rachel's copy @ Hastings, Boise, ID.


The Wolf of Britannia


The work continues in the rewriting of The Wolf of Britannia. I had a setback. Thought I had completed the first half, only to realize, there were several scenes that had to be rewritten back in chapters 23 and 25. That will slow me down. Still my goal is to make sure I have reached the half-way mark or part I of the duo-olgy by mid/late November. It may be a setback, but I want to get this novel right.


Ancient World Notes

Uniforms & Equipment of the Vigiles
Uniforms & Equipment of the Vagiles (The Watch)


Check out the latest article, the first in a series, titled: Maintaining the Public Safety of Ancient Rome Part I. In the series you will learn about the origins of public safety in Rome. In many instances, while Rome brought law and order to the rest of their empire, they couldn't control crime in the Empire's Capitol.


Don't forget I am on Twitter and FaceBook


For you twitter users, you can also follow me on Twitter@Jessstevenhughe. And don't forget, besides my FaceBook page, I have an author's page, The Sign of the Eagle. Check it out.

That's about it for now, I hope to see you at one of my book signings. Thank you for your support. Until next time, Salve et Vale! Hale and Farewell!


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