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Monday, January 13, 2014

Blog Update and Book Signings

Book signing follow-ups.


Hastings, Shadle Park, Spokane, Washington


Although an encore, this event, Friday, Jan. 10th, 2014 at Hastings Books, Music & Videos, Shadle Park, Spokane, Washington prove to be far more successful than last Friday's signing at the Spokane Valley Hastings, a near sell-out. I met a lot of good people, some whom recognize me from a previous signing. Book Manager, Jon, and his associate were happy to see me again. "At least we know you'll talk to the people in our store, something the other writers never do," Kathy said. She shook her head. "Most of the time we have to prod them to say anything," Jon added.

I want to thank Jon, Kathy and the other Hastings associates for their assistance in contributing to this success event.


Here I am signing a copy of THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE for new reader, Sandra.
New Sign of the Eagle reader Sandra
New Sign of the Eagle Reader Sandra



Hastings, Spokane Valley, Washington


Another successful session on Friday, January 3rd, 2014, I signed copies of my historical, THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE @ Hastings Books, Music & Videos, Spokane Valley, WA. This was local for me and a second encore for the store. Store management knows me well. Since I was I have been there before, I did not sell as many copies but management was very happy. The book manager said I still sold more books than most first timers sell at their place. "Many of them don't sell anything, they sit like stumps," Associate Cora said. A couple previous buyers came by and told me how much they liked my novel. One was a former U.S. Navy Chaplin who served with the U.S. Marines during the Gulf War 1991. He said, "You are a good writer." Then he turned to a group of people around him and told them, "This guy knows what he is writing about." All I could say was, "Thank you."


I want to thank Store Manager, Omar; Book Manager, Mary; and Associate Cora, for their assistance in making this event another success.


The Wolf of Britannia (a work in progress).wolf of Britannia


I finally completed the rewrite of The Wolf of Britannia, Part I. The story ends with Caratacus becoming King of the Catuvellauni and Trinovantes tribes of Southern Britannia and expelling his brother, Adminios, from power (historical fact). I am now rewriting Part II which deals with the Roman invasion of Britannia (43 A.D.) and Caratacus's defense of Britannia and all its ramifications of betrayal, intrigue and murder. My plan is to finish this by June or July, certainly by September. The rewrite has been a real challenge/struggle, but will be worth it when you read the finished product.

The Broken Lance (another work in progress)Roman Calvaryman


For the first time since September 2013 (I was doing book signings until December), I attended a meeting of the Spokane Novelist Group (they have been around for more than fifty years) on Dec. 28, 2013 and read chapter 38 from my other historical, The Broken Lance. I had suspend all writing on this novel until I had finished the rewrite of The Wolf of Britannia. However, since I had already written this chapter months ago, I wanted their feedback. Surprisingly, my toughest critics, all of whom are published authors, found only minor errors, easily corrected. Believe me, they would have told me in no uncertain terms had they found anything major, they certainly have in the past.



Maintaining the Public Safety of Ancient Rome


See the Ancient World Notes for the next installment in my series, Maintaining the Public Safety of Ancient Rome, Part III. In this segment, I briefly describe Rome's criminal underworld and its gangs. Yes, they had gangs then as we do today, unfortunately. 

Book Signing Schedule


I have added a new book signing schedule for this winter/spring. Again, I will be signing at Barnes & Noble and Hastings stores in the Pacific Northwest and at one B&N store in San Jose, California. I will be adding more dates in the near future. Please check the book signing section for further information.


My next book signing will be at Hastings Books, Music and Videos, 2512 E. 29th Ave. (Lincoln Heights/South Hill), Spokane, Washington, Friday, February 21st, 3 - 8 p.m.


That's all for now. Until next time, Salve et Vale! Hale and farewell!

Jess Steven Hughes

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