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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Book Signings - The Sign of the Eagle.


Between February 21st and March 22nd, I have conducted seven book signings for The Sign of the Eagle. I've been to Barnes & Noble Booksellers and Hasting Entertainment Stores in Eastern Washington (Spokane and Spokane Valley); Central Washington (Wenatchee); Western Washington (Olympia); North Idaho (Moscow) and Southern Idaho (Boise and Nampa). They have all been sell-outs or near misses. I met lots of interesting people from farmers to school teachers to a fashion model, military personnel and archaeologists, all who were interested in buying my novel.


In each case management was very pleased with my efforts, and I was invited to return at a future date. I told them that this would be my last round with this novel, and I will return once my next book, The Wolf of Britannia, a duo-ology, is published.


Had a little excitement just before my signing at Hastings Books, Music & Videos (5 Mile Store) in Boise, Idaho, Saturday, March 22nd. I had just parked my car, in the lot at the front of the store, and was about to enter when I heard someone yelling behind me. Next thing I know five Boise Police cars pulled into the lot by the building. A couple police officers jumped out, grabbed and handcuffed a guy. They read him his rights and placed in the car, but it was sometime before the police units cleared out. A lot of people were watching and wondering what was going on. As a retired police sergeant, I figured this was a felony arrest as you don't deploy five police units for a misdemeanor. I was to learn a few days later that the Boise Police Department had made a drug bust in which $800,000.00 worth of street drugs were confiscated. One of the suspects had gotten away. Apparently, this was that suspect. Glad to see him off the street.

New reader Tevin at Barnes & Noble Spokane Valley, WA.jpgNew reader Sierra at Hastings Wenatchee, WA.jpgNew reader Rachel Burton at Hastings Moscow,ID.jpg
New Reader Tevin              New Reader Sierra          New Reader Rachel
New reader Nicole Hastings South Hill Spokane,WA.jpgNew reader Liberty.jpgNew reader Janeen Barnes and Noble Olympia,WA.jpgNew reader Brenda.jpg
New Reader Nicole          New Reader Liberty            New Reader Janeen   New Reader Brenda


Number One in Sales The Sign of the Eagle Book Cover


The Sign of the Eagle was number one in sales in all categories for Sunbury Press for the month of February. Click here to learn more. The Sign of the Eagle Number One


The Wolf of BritanniaCeltic Warrior


Progress has been slow on Volume II of The Wolf of Britannia. I wrote a brand new opening chapter for the volume, and it took a lot of rewriting before I was satisfied with the results. My mentor, Patricia DeMars Pfeiffer, reviewed several drafts and found serious flaws, which I have since corrected. I will redraft the chapter one more time before continuing onto the rewrite of chapter two. I want this to be my best work yet, and so I am taking the time to get it right, even if it delays future publication. Better that than to have it rejected by the publisher, Sunbury Press.


The Funding for Hadrian's Wall is Drying Up. HadriansWallCopysmall.jpg


As a person interested in Roman History the enclosed article about Hadrian's Wall in Northern England is of more than passing interest. It is a very serious situation. Funding will dry up in six months if more funding isn't found. This major piece of  Roman history must be preserved. Click onto this site for more details. Hadrian's Wall Funding Evaporates


Law Enforcement in Ancient Rome


Check out my latest installment, Maintaining the Public Safety of Ancient Rome - Part IV.


New Pictures


Check out the new photos that have been added to my bio page. It has been awhile and needed to be updated.


Book Signing


My next book signing will be at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 3600 Stevens Creek, San Jose, California, Saturday, April 5th, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Hope to see you there!


That's all for now. Until next time Salve et Vale! Hail and Farewell!





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