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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Book Signing Update

Computer Crash


My computer crashed several times during the last three weeks. The Geek Squad came out yesterday and fixed the problem. However, if it crashes again, I was advised to order a new computer through Dell, which still sells those with windows 7. The Geek Squad would then return and do a complete installation. These guys don't like windows 8 either.


Book Signings


I did some major traveling for the below three book signings. It took me down to Barnes & Noble, San Jose, California (I also visited my son and his family) and up to Western Montana for signings at Hastings Books, Music and Videos in Helena and Great Falls. See below for more details.


San Jose, California


Book Signing Follow-up: It was a sunny day, in the mid-70's, Saturday, April 5th, down in San Jose, California, where I signed copies of THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Stevens Creek, San Jose, CA. This is a busy, cosmopolitan store and I met many interesting people from around the world, especially, the Mid and Far East. I gave out lots of fliers and signed many copies before I left at the end of the day to see my granddaughter perform in a dancing concert (I came down here to visit my son, Chris 'toadman' Hughes, Julie M Hughes and granddaughter Veronica Hughes).


I was told later by Community Relations Manager, Natalie, that considering this store caters primarily to customers who buy non-fiction, especially high-tech books (San Jose is in the heart of Silicon Valley) I did exceptionally well signing as many copies as I did of my novel. She received nothing but praise from B&N associates about how I interacted with the customers. She said I am welcome to return anytime I want to conduct another signing.


I want to thank Natalie, Mitra, the assistant manager and all the other associates who made this a very successful event. (No pictures available for this event).




Book Signing Double-Header Follow-up. Whether it was a sunny but windy day in Helena, Montana (04/11/14) or a driving snow-storm in Great Falls, MT (04/12/14), both book signings at Hastings Books, Music & Videos were sell-outs. Met lots of interesting people in Big Sky Country (it truly seemed that way traveling through the Rocky Mountains, along the Missouri River and snow-covered wheat fields near Great Falls. This has to be some of the most beautiful country in the USA), passed out lots of flyers and signed lots of copies of the Sign of the Eagle.


I want to thank Helena store manager, Jed, and Great Falls Book Manager, Des, and all the Hastings associates who contributed to this successful book signing.


Pictures: L to R: @ Helena, Kirsten , Marlesa, (friend of Kirsten) & @ Great Falls, Bo (see above attached pictures).

New Reader KirstenNew Reader MarlesaNew Reader Bo

New Reader Kirsten                                  New Reader Marsela                       New Reader Bo


The Wolf of Britannia


I continue to make progress on Volume II of The Wolf of Britannia. I have rewritten two more chapters. The Roman invasion of Britannia is in full swing. Caratacus's forces, while waiting for reinforcements has destroyed a Roman cohort that was foolish enough to advance inland without first sending scouts forward to reconnoiter the land. More to follow.

Carraticus, Celtic Warrior


Ancient World Notes


Check Ancient World Notes for the latest installment of Maintaining the Public Safety of Ancient Rome - Part V. In this segment we see how they used as the strong arm of politicians.


Ancient Discovery


Check out this article about the Ancient Roman theater discovered in Florence. It is quite a find. Worth reading. Article: Ancient Roman Theatre


Book Signing Reminder


My next book signing will be at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 18025 Garden Way NE, Woodinville, Washington, Saturday, April 26th, 12 - 5 p.m. See you there!

That's about all for now. Until next time, Salve et Vale.

Hail and farewell!

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