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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Wolf of Brittania-Published!

Great news! I am pleased to announce that my historical novel,
The Wolf of Britannia, Volume I & II (duo-logy), the prequel to The Sign of the Eagle, has been accepted for publication by Sunbury Press and a contract has been sent to me. In the words of the publisher, Lawrence Knorr, "We can't wait to get this started!"  

Celtic Warrior
The Wolf of Britannia

The Wolf of Britannia is the story of Macha's (The Sign of the Eagle) father the Celtic King, Caratacus. It is about his struggle to for power in Britannia (Vol. I) and his battle against the Romans (Vol. II) when they invaded Britain in  43 A.D.

Just a reminder Sunbury Press is not a vanity press. It is a traditional small press. The tentative release date will be sometime in September. I have already arranged three book signing dates this Fall and more will follow. More details will follow as they are received.

New Reader AdriannaNew Reader Elizabeth
              New readers Adrianna and Elizabeth

Book Signing Follow-up

Book signing follow-up. Back from trip to California where I visited my son and his family down in San Jose. This also included a book signing of my historical novel at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, San Mateo. The city is about 20 miles south of San Francisco (San Jose is 48 miles) and sits next to the bay. Nice area. Because I am originally from the Bay Area, have family in San Jose and San Francisco and am a retired Long Beach Police Sergeant, the store promoted me as a local author.

The signing was a complete sell-out. Handed out lots of flyers and book markers, met lots of interesting people (this is a very multicultural area) and signed lots of books. I want to thank Community Relations Manager, Liz, and Associates Christina and Frank for their assistance in making this a successful event. Liz wants me to return for another signing when my next novel, The Wolf of Britannia, is published.

The Broken Lance Broken Lance

Now that The Wolf of Britannia has been accepted for publication, I am turning my attention to writing my next historical novel, The Broken Lance. I have been working on this off and on for the last couple of years between my first two novels. The Broken Lance is an epic historical novel set in Britain and Rome between 44 - 69 A.D. It is the story of Marcellus, a Spanish Centurion in the Roman Army who becomes the personal retainer of the historical character, Titus Flavius Sabinus, the older brother of future Emperor, Vespasian. Through his eyes we see the corruption, intrigue and turmoil that occurs in Rome during this tumultuous period that takes us from the Roman invasion of Britain, the burning of Rome, persecution of Christians, and ending with the great anarchy of 69 A.D. known as the Year of the Four Emperors.

Last Saturday, June 14th I read another chapter from The Broken Lance to the Spokane Novelist Group. Surprisingly, the members only found minor problems. This group has been around for nearly fifty years and its membership consists of several established authors. One of the members, who recently signed a three book contract for her mystery series with Harper-Collins and probably my toughest critic (in a very positive way) found only a couple of minor problems, easily fixed. I considered it a compliment that she found so little wrong. 

Ancient World Notes

Check out the latest installment of Maintaining the Public Safety of Ancient Rome Part VII in which we learn about the political ruin of Gauis Marius who was famous for professionalizing the Roman Army.

That's about all for now. Until next Salve et Vale! Hale and Farewell!


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