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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Book Signing Success and Update



Book Signing Successes.


During the months of September and October I conducted very successful book signings of The Sign of the Eagle at Barnes & Noble, Blossom Hill, San Jose, California (September) and at Hastings Books, Music & Video stores in Montana (October - Bozeman, Butte, Great Falls and Missoula). Met lots of great people from around the USA and from several countries  including China, France, India, Peru, and Russia. This will probably be the last signings I do for this book as it has been out for more than two years. By January, 2015, my next novel, The Wolf of Britannia, should be available from Sunbury Press. When that occurs I will set up signings for that book. However, I will include copies of The Sign of the Eagle at those events as well.


The following pictures are of new reader L to R: Dana @ Santa Jose; Mike @ Butte, MT; Bill @ Great Falls, MT; Kate @ Missoula, MT; and Bill @ Bozeman, MT. 

Jess signing for Dana from FranceNew reader Mike with Daughter PearlNew Reader Bill at Hastings, Great Falls, MT
Dana at San Jose                          Mike & Pearl at Butte                 Bill at Great Falls

New reader Kate Missoula, MTBill at Bozeman, MT
Kate at Missoula, MT                       Bill at Bozeman, MT

The Wolf of Britannia: Update 


A couple of weeks ago I received the editor's reviewed copy of The Wolf of Britannia, Vol. II (a new title for this volume is being considered). There were quite a few changes and additions she wanted me to make. After a flurry of emails back and forth with my editor, we reached a compromise on what I should add. I mentioned to her I had originally deleted a chapter that I used near the end of the novel showing a newly married Macha and her husband Titus, a newly commissioned officer in the Roman army, visiting Caratacus before heading to Germany for his first post. The editor had wanted to see more of a relationship with Caratacus's family in Italy before ending the story. I emailed a copy of this chapter and my proposal to re-enter it. She liked the chapter and so with only a few modifications I will re-use it. I hated deleting it to begin with and glad I had kept the earlier drafts. I am also doing the same with a prophecy by Caratacus's Druid priest, Havgan, which I had also deleted. She liked that concept as well. She agreed to drop some of the other items that I explained weren't necessary to add to the story. The rewrite should now go a little faster. Already finished the additional changes to chapter one.


Steven King on the Future of Books - A Must Read Article
Steven King interview Huffingtonpost

Stephen King: 'I Think Books Are Going To Be Here For a Long, Long Time.'


At one time, Stephen King was on the cutting edge of ebook technology as one of the first big-name writers to release his works digitally. But for all the "bells and whistles" ebooks have, King says, nothing will be able to replace a physical book.


King joined HuffPost Live on Wednesday to chat about his upcoming film, "A Good Marriage," though the conversation turned to future of the book industry.


"They're not like compact discs or even phonograph records. These are things that had their day and they were replaced," King told host Josh Zepps. "You can say that you've seen the same progression with books in that e-books have a lot of nice bells and whistles ... But the big difference is that audio recordings of music have only been around for, I'm going to say, 120 years at the most. Books have been around for three, four centuries ... There's a deeply implanted desire and understanding and wanting of book that isn't there with music. It's a deeper well of human experience. Here's another thing: if you drop a book into the toilet, you can fish it out, dry it off and read that book. But if you drop your Kindle in the toilet, you're pretty well done.


King has been at the forefront of the ebooks debate as one of Amazon's most vocal critics. King, along with nearly 900 other authors, signed a letter in support of publisher Hachette, who is in a revenue-negotiation struggle with the online retail giant about ebook profits.




To see the video for his complete comments, go to the above Huffington Post site above.


Writing at Starbucks
Reviewing editor's copy of The Wolf of Britannia Part II
Reviewing Editor's Copy of "The Wolf of Brittania" at Starbucks at B&N


If you check out the enclosed picture you will see that I  actually write novels. Here, inside Starbucks Coffee, at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Spokane Valley, Washington, I am reviewing the editor's copy of The Wolf of Britannia, Vol. II. It was after this session that the flurry of emails to the editor began which resulted in the compromise I mentioned above. You might say I am the unofficial resident writer at this store since I spend several days a week here writing. My wife, Liz, calls it my "home away from home."


The Sign of the Eagle Book Sales Update


According to my publisher, Sunbury Press, The Sign of the Eagle, was number one in sales for historical novels for the month of September and number three.


The Broken Lance UpdateTheBrokenLance.jpg


Although I have been busy with book signings and the revisions of The Wolf of Britannia,  I have managed to find a little time to work on my historical, The Broken Lance. This consists of primarily presenting chapters that I have already written  for review by members of The Spokane novelist Group at our bi-weekly sessions. I won't be doing much more than that until the final revisions of The Wolf of Britannia, Vol. I & II are published.


Ancient World Notes


See Ancient World Notes for my next installment of Maintaining the Public Safety of Ancient Rome, Part XI.


That's all for now. Salve et Vale! Hail and Farewell!


Jess Steven Hughes

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