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Friday, July 10, 2015

The Sign of the Eagle Trilogy Update

 Why I Wrote The Wolf of Britannia, Part I & II 

  WolfI.jpg              WolfII.jpg
  Wolf of Britannia, Vol. I                  Wolf of Britannia, Vol. II

 The Wolf of Britannia, Part I & II, was written in part because so little was published in the way of historical fiction about the Celtic British King, Caratacus, who fought the Romans for eight years after they invaded Britain in 43 A.D.

Knowing he could not defeat the Roman jaggernaut in a classical pitch battle, he resorted to guerrilla warfare which he successfully waged for eight years before he was betrayed and captured by one of his own.
  The Romans had expected to conquer Britain in two years, but because of Caratacus's efforts and those that came after him, e.g. Boudicca, it would take them more than thirty years. 

This is a story not only of warfare but of political intrigue and the personal lives of Caratacus, his father, Cunobelinos (immortalized in Shakespeare as Cymboline), his brothers, Adminios and Togodubunos (Tog) and the women in his life, Rhian and Dana, who play very important roles. We know very little of Caratacus's early life.

Volume I is a story of the right-of-passage of a young Celtic prince who was aware of the Roman threat to his lands. I use historical characters and events where they are known and blend in fictitious characters and events in a logical fashion to move the story along.
 In Volume I, we see the role women played in Celtic society. They had nearly equal rights with their men. They fought in battle alongside their men and were priests and healers as well. They could even be elected rulers by the tribal counsels.

In this aspect, I show Caratacus, first wife, the vulnerable Rhian, a warrior in her own right taking up arms to fight in battle. When she could not bear children, Caratacus was forced to take another wife, Dana, the mother of Macha, the main character in my novel, The Sign of the Eagle.

Volume I ends when Caratacus drove his brother, Adminios, a drunk and incompetent, into exile. We know from history he would go to Rome and plead with the Emperor Claudius to invade Britain, which he did.  That leads us to Volume II, the invasion of Britannia. Most of this is based on fact as it is known.

I have taken some historical license. We don't know if Celtic women fought against the Romans. In my novel, I show them in combat.
Again, the reader sees family relationships in this novel, and we see Macha from birth until age seventeen. We do see Caratacus's betrayal and capture along with his second wife and daughter Macha, who is seven at this point. But Caratacus and his family would survive. 

Caratacus has been far too long underrated for his contribution in a gallant resistance against the might of Rome and these novels are my humble way of showing that he deserve greater recognition for his efforts. He is a true hero of Britannia. If any of you are interested in purchasing copies you can obtain through Amazon or at my publisher Sunbury Press (www.sunburypress.com).

These novels are not self-published indies. Sunbury Press is a legitimate traditional small press. Once these were accepted for publication, I worked with an editor for four months. I made several significant changes including the major rewrite of eight scenes and the adding of two new chapters. By the end of July, the novels will be available on Kindle. Also, I would advise waiting until then to purchase the books. Several punctuation and word usage errors have been discovered and the volumes are in the process of being revised.

Below are some of the links where you can purchase online copies of my novels: 
Macha  The Sign of the Eagle
 Amazon U.S. Amazon U.K. Barnes & Noble Sunbury Press
 WolfI.jpg The Wolf of Britannia, Part I    Amazon U.S., Amazon U.K.Barnes & Noble  Sunbury Press
 WolfII.jpg The Wolf of Britannia, Part II Amazon U.S. Amazon U.K. Barnes & Noble Sunbury Press


Book Signing Follow-up

New Reader Vince
           New Reader Vince

 On Saturday, June 13th, I conducted another successful signing @ Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Blossom Hill, San Jose, California. Met lots of interesting people (San Jose is very multi-cultural), gave out all my fliers and signed several copies of my three historicals, THE WOLF OF BRITANNIA, PART I & II, and THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE. Store manager, Jeremiah, told me, "Camille (the Comm. Relations Manager) is very selective about who she allows to do book signings in our store. You are one of them. You can return anytime you want to sign books.

I felt a combination of humility and flattery knowing they felt so highly of me. I will certainly do my best to continue to earn their trust. I want to thank Community Relations Manager, Camille; Store Manager, Jeremiah; and weekend manager, Jonathan for their support in making this a successful event.

I will return to the store, Saturday, October 3rd, for another signing. I am through signing for the Summer. Will start again Sept. 12th @ Barnes & Noble, Kennewick, Washington. More details later.

Short Story PublishedRoman Calvaryman

 The May, 2015 edition of the literary magazine, The Enchanted File Cabinet, published an excerpt from my historical novel in progress, The Broken Lance. This is an epic novel that covers the period between 44 and 69 A.D, moving from the mysterious land of Celtic Britain to the conspiracy riddled imperial circles of ancient Rome. The segment published by the magazine is chapter two of the novel. For the purposes of this publication, it is titled, The Camp of Death. If you are interested in purchasing a copy ($6.00) go to the following link for additional details.https://sites.google.com/site/conceitmagazine/the-enchanted-file-cabinet 

Face Book Author's Page Updated  

For those who have not checked my Face Book Author's page lately, it has been updated. It is now titled, The Sign of the Eagle Trilogy. Besides the new title, I have rewritten the page's description which now includes all three historical novels, The Wolf of Britannia, Part I, The Wolf of Britannia, Part II and The Sign of the Eagle.

 Now that The Wolf of Britannia, Part I and II have been published, The Sign of the Eagle now is the third book of what is now a trilogy. The first two novels deal with the Celtic British King, Caratacus, Macha's father, who fought against the Romans who invaded Britain in 43 A.D. The Sign of the Eagle is set in Rome in 71 A.D. where we see Macha as a grown woman married to the Roman tribune, Titus, who has been wrongfully accused of treason (see additional information above).

Maintaining the Public Safety of Ancient Rome, Part XVIII 

Check the Ancient World Notes for the eighteenth installment in which we see the Praetorian Prefect, Sejanus, plotting to kill Emperor Tiberius. Will he succeed? 

Book Signing Schedule  

I will be conducting at least twelve book signings this Fall, primarily in the Pacific Northwest, with one in San Jose, California. Check the book signing page for the latest updates. News From my Publisher I am pleased to announce that for the month of May, The Sign of the Eagle, was among the top thirty best-sellers. The novel has been a continual best-seller for the publisher. 

Another bit of interesting news came to light. During the month of May, Sunbury Press dropped fifty percent of its authors from its roster. They were only generating ten percent of the publishing house's revenue. Fortunately, I was not among that unfortunate group. It is because of my aggressive book signings, which have been very successful, that I remain in Sunbury Press's stable of authors. I hope to do so for a long time.  That is about all for now.

Until next time, Ave Atque Vale! Hail and Farewell!
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