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Saturday, August 29, 2015

August Update 2015

Correction and E-book Updates


By the time you read this, the punctuation and word usage corrections should be completed for The Wolf of Britannia, Part I & II. Several months ago the errors were discovered but it was only now that the editors at Sunbury Press were able to make the corrections. Once that is completed, readers will be able to order the updated editions online or at their favorite brick and mortar store. It is planned to upload the corrected editions as an e-book on Kindle shortly thereafter. I'm keeping my fingers cross that will be the case.


Book Reviews 


My novels, The Wolf of Britannia, Part I & II have received some wonderful reviews lately. Below are two I will share with you from Amazon. Both are by Janet Morris, author of more than twenty historical and historical fantasy novels which have sold over one million copies world-wide. I have read three of her novels, I, The Sun, The Sacred Band and Beyond Sanctuary. These are wonderful books that I highly recommend.


If you have not purchased copies of either The Wolf of Britannia, Part I & II, I hope will consider doing so after reading her reviews. This is what she wrote:


The Wolf of Britannia, Part I The Wolf of Britannia, Part I

(Fight for Freedom in Celtic Britain...,






This review is from: The Wolf of Britannia Part I (Paperback)

First I should say that I previously read Jess Steven Hughes' "Sign of

the Eagle," an loved it -- for me it was a story told by a modern

Umberto Ecco, without the academic conceit that made that book slow and

creaky. So I approached The World of Britannia somewhat hesitantly:

I'd loved that one; would I like this as well? Or was Sign of the Eagle

a fluke? I am here to testify that Sign of the Eagle was no fluke. The

author is a natural story teller. His domain is the Celts at the dusk

of Roman rule. His story's are humanistic, full of mystery, suspense --

yes, and violence where needed. There are so few good historical novels

written today that are not bodice rippers meant only for women that this

book is a breath of fresh air. I dare say women will like this story as

much as men. And although it is a "Part I, " Wolf a complete,

satisfying story -- another thing rare in a time of endless sagas with

no beginnings or endings.


Story about what, you ask? Wolf of Britannia, Part I, is a novel of

action and suspense, panoramic and thrilling, set in First Century AD

Britain where soon-to-be-legendary Prince Caratacus, a young Celtic

warrior, struggles to unite disparate interests against an enemy that

has brought the world to its knees: Imperial Rome.


The prince and his warrior wife Rhian face not only Roman enemies, but a

treacherous brother who'll do anything to take the throne. This writer,

Jess Steven Hughes, has a deep and learned understanding of human

failings and human heroism; in this story's dramatic depths, both are

crafted by a master hand.


Young and noble Prince Caratacus risks life and limb to save his country

and the world he knows and loves -- it never occurs to him not to try,

even against the most fearsome odds. Your pulse will race as this

wonderful story brings you eye to eye with enemies born of internal

strife and home-grown treachery, and those who represent the tyranny of


Despite the demands of research, the difficulty of writing about the

last days of Celtic Britain with a fresh eye, Hughes succeeds in bringing us

something new in his story of these misty times: an understanding of the

best and worst of humanity that feels as if it were gained firsthand.


This story is a great adventure, and those are few and far between. I

look forward to Part II, but found Part 1 of The wolf of Britannia to be

fulfilling in every way. Five well-deserved stars.

Amazon: Wolf of Britannia, Part I


The Wolf of Britannia, Part II Wolf of Britannia, Part II



Brilliant historical novel of Ancient Britain and Rome




Convoke "lokhos"


This review is from: The Wolf of Britannia Part II (Paperback)


Jess Steven Hughes is a real talent floating in a sea of wannabees. Books of vivid and evocative historical fiction about ancient Britain clashing with Rome come few and far between these days, requiring as they do deep research and a sensibility that will put you in the minds and souls of characters long buried. Jess Steven Hughes has these skills, and more. This is the third Hughes book I have read, and I hope for many more. His prose is always crisp, his scholarship fine-honed but never obtrusive. But these qualities alone don't make a book exceptional or unforgettable: a story must have the ability to grab you by the throat and not let you go until the last line on the very last page. Hughes has the gift of breathing life into his characters, which is a skill that a true historical writer must have, or fail in the task of transporting the reader into a vanished world.


Read The World of Britannia II and you will be transported into the mind of a great Celtic warrior, Caratacus, as he fights for freedom against the whole of Rome. Wolf of Britannia II has war and death, mystery and betrayal, love and glory, and an intrepid band of men and women fighting a battle that may be hopeless -- but then, perhaps not...


Here's a sample from Hughes' brilliant Wolf II: "Caratacus watched as wave after wave of his and Fergus ap Roycal's charioteers hurtled through the roiling dust, working opposite sides of the Roman column and hurling spears at the Roman shield-wall. Several penetrated and a few soldiers went down screaming. But the wall instantly closed around the dead men."


Read this prequel to The Sign of the Eagle slowly if you can. Take your time. Savor it. Delight in Hughes' deft plotting, his ability to breathe life into his characters. If you love historical fiction, I can nearly guarantee you will devour this books and its sequels and hope for more.

Amazon: The Wolf of Britannia, Part II



Historical Novels Review Magazine 


A review of The Wolf of Britannia in the August, 2015 issue of Historical Novels Review magazine. This is the quarterly publication of the Historical Novel Society. Getting this publication to review your novel is a must for historical novel authors. A review in this novel could possibly make or break an author. Fortunately, my novel received an excellent review. It concluded with the following words, "I found this book entertaining to read as I became immersed in the story. I highly recommend this novel of early Britain and look forward to reading its sequels."


For those of you who want to read the entire review click onto this link: Historical Novel Society: Reviews, The Wolf of Britannia, Part I 


Helmet from the Battle of Marathon Corinthian Helmet


Check out this article about the Corinthian helmet from the Battle of Marathon.


This remarkable Corinthian style helmet from the Battle of Marathon was reputedly found in 1834 with a human skull still inside. It now forms part of the Royal Ontario Museum’s  collections, but originally it was discovered by George Nugent-Grenville, who was the British High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands between 1832-35.


For additional reading go to this link.  Corinthian Helmet from the Battle of Marathon



The Broken LanceRoman Cavalryman

Attended another session of the Spokane Novelists Group today. I read part of a chapter from ongoing historical novel, The Broken Lance.  In this segment the wife of my main character, Marcellus, is caught with a group of Christians in a raid by the Praetorian Guard and imprisoned. I described the following persecution, and fortunately, Marcellus' wife is not among them. Except for a few very minor flaws, the group was riveted by my grisly description. In fact, one member left the room during the reading as she could not handle it. Must have done something right, this is a tough group. I only have five more chapters to be reviewed by the group and then I will submit this to my book doctor for her critique.


Book Signings JSH Signing the Sign of the Eagle


Once again, I will be hitting the road as of Friday, September 11, where I will be signing copies of all three of my novels at Hastings Books, Music & Videos, Moscow, Idaho. This is the first of fifteen book signings this Fall. Please check my book signing schedule by clicking onto Book Signings on this website. With the exception of signing at Barnes & Noble, Blossom Hill, San Jose, California, October 3, the rest will take place in the Pacific Northwest.


Maintaining the Public Safety of Ancient Rome, Part XIX 


Check out the latest installment of the above by clicking on to Ancient World Notes. Will Sejanus did his just desserts? Find out.


That is about it for this time around, I hope that some of you will be able to attend my Fall signings, it would be my pleasure to meet you. In the meantime, Ave Atque Vale! Hail and Farewell! 





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