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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Book Signings & New Project Updates



New Reader Bob, Wolf of Britannia, Pt One



Great Book Signing Event


A very successful weekend. I conducted signings of my historicals, THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE TRILOGY at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Spokane Valley, Washington on Saturday and Sunday, January 16th & 17th. Both days were a success. I met lots of interesting people from all around the Inland Northwest and Canada, signed lots of copies and heard several compliments on the adjacent portrait that was painted by FB friend and military history artist, Tal Dibner. The weekend manager, Krissie, approached me on Sunday afternoon and said. "You were awesome, you can return anytime you want!"


I want to thank store manager, Leslie, weekend manager, Krissie, assistant manager, Kelsey, and associate, Ashley, who's assistance and cooperation made this a successful event. Will return Saturday, April 9th, for an encore.


Enclosed picture in which I am signing a copy of The Wolf of Britannia for new fan, Bob.


New Project Going Forward 


As I mentioned in my last blog, I have begun the work on a new historical novel and still in the earliest stages of planning. It is a sequel to The Sign of the Eagle. I'm using the working title, Return to Britannia, until I can think of something much better. I know this one boring and doesn't say anything about the story. Just as a reminder, Macha, the novel's main character, is determined to follow her husband, Titus, to Britannia when he has been assigned to investigate a series of murders of petty government officials who were murdered in conjunction with the robbery from the provincial government treasury. As the investigation progresses, a conspiracy is uncovered which involves the planning of another uprising on the size of the Boudiccan revolt which had occurred eleven years earlier (60 A.D.) The conspirators plan to hire Irish mercenaries, and to the shock of Macha, they are determine to place her on the throne of the Trinovantes and Catuvellaunians. These are the Celtic tribes which had been ruled by her father, Caratacus, before the Roman invasion of 43 A.D.


This is the basic premise and a lot of research and work must be done before I start writing. I have written many questions which have to be answered. I have to develop believable characters, both fictional and historical, before I can begin to write the story. It will be at least two-three years before the novel is completed. 


Giving New Life to Some of Pompeii's Dead



          Pregnant Woman of Pompeii & Garden of Fugitives


In the enclosed article from Archaeology Magazine carries a slide show of the plaster casts of victims covered by the lava from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, which buried the Roman city of Pompeii in 79 A.D. "Pompeii’s tragic casts of human and animal victims are getting a close inside look and some much needed preservation. This is an interesting update in Archaeology Magazine about one of the most poignant sets of remains from the past." 


--Judith Starkston


"For two days, the volcano erupted ferociously, on the first day expelling millions of tons of debris, burying Pompeii at a rate of roughly six inches an hour. Thousands of people were trapped: “You could hear the shrieks of women, the wailing of infants, and the shouting of men; some were calling to their parents, others their children or their wives, trying to recognize them by their voices,” writes Pliny. On the second day, surges of superheated rock, ash, and gases, called pyroclastic flows, rushed down the mountain at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour, flattening the buildings that remained standing, and scalding or perhaps suffocating those who had not already been buried. By the end of August 25, more than 2,000 people likely had died in Pompeii, and at least 15,000 had probably perished in the region."


For further reading see enclosed link.

Pompeii Casts


The enclosed photos are those I took of the casts when I visited the Pompeii Exhibition in Seattle, Washington last May 12, 2015. It is that of a man from The Garden of the Fugitives. The other is that of a pregnant woman. These give you an idea what the article is about.



   Dictator by Author Robert Harris




Book Reading Recommendation


For those who like reading historical fiction about ancient Rome, I highly recommend reading Author Robert Harris' compelling trilogy about the life and times and rise and fall of one of the Roman Republic's greatest orator's and statesmen, Cicero. These are: Imperium; Conspirata and the final and latest release, Dictator. Although in many ways a snob, he was still a man for the people (if not with them) and staunch defender of the Roman republic making enemies of Julius Caesar, Crassus and Marc Antony. These books are compelling page turners. I have read the first two volumes and now working the last. I find myself staying up late a night finding it difficult to put down. The first two volumes you can purchase in paperback from Gallery Books and Dictator is available from Knopf in Hardback. Below is a link to Amazon.


Dictator by Author Robert Harris



CalvarymanThe Broken Lance (Update) 


I will be submitting the manuscript of my historical novel, The Broken Lance, to my book doctor (she doesn't want her name mentioned) April 1, for evaluation. This will take approximately one month. Depending on her recommendations (how much revision will be needed), I hope I will be able to submit the work to Sunbury Press for consideration for publication sometime early 2017. It will be another duo-logy consisting of The Broken Lance and The Peacekeeper. I will keep you up to date on its progress.


Maintaining the Public Safety of Ancient Rome 


Although I finished the series with section XXIII, for those who are interested, I am including a bibliography and set of Roman criminal justice definitions for the final installment XXIV. You will find this on the Ancient World Notes Page.


Book Signing Update & Additions 


Check the book signing page on my website for the latest book signing additions.



That's it for now. Until next time, Ave At Que Vale! Hail and farewell!


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