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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Book Signing and New Novel Update

Book signings


I conducted four book signings since my last blog entry. Two of them (Hastings, South Hill, Spokane, WA and Hastings, Spokane Valley, were moderately, successful. The most successful I conducted at Barnes and Noble, Kennewick, Washington, Saturday, March 5th. I met lots of interesting people, gave out lots of fliers and signed many copies of my historical novels from The Sign of the Eagle Trilogy,  Several people complemented the portrait I displayed depicting the book cover from The Wolf of Britannia, Part II, painted by

artist Tal Dibner. 


I want to thank Community Relations Manager, Wendy Lilly and Merchandising Manager, Jim, for their assistance in making this a

successful event. 


New Reader Heather at B&N Kennewick WA

Signing copy of The Sign of the Eagle for new reader, Heather



The Wolf of Britannia Part I 

Ranked in the top ten of Book Sales


Book Sales 


My historical novel about pre-Roman Britain, in the First Century A.D,, The Wolf Britannia, Part I, was ranked number 7 in sales out of the top 30 for Sunbury Press (www.sunburypress.com) for the month of February. Sales at my book signings were a significant contributor to this number. Thank you, to everyone who bought a copy.


New Project Continues to Move Forward (slowly) 


The research for my new historical novel is still in the earliest stages of planning and progressing slowly. This will be a sequel to The Sign of the Eagle. The working title, Return to Britannia, remains in place. One of my major sources of research is Roman Britain, by Peter Salway. It is by far the most thorough and in depth books I have found dealing with Britain during this period. It deals not only with the political, but social and economic history as well. It gives an in-depth look as to how the people of the period lived. What is even better is that it is very readable. Just as a reminder, Macha, the novel's main character follows her husband, Titus, to Britannia when he has been assigned to investigate a series of murders of petty government officials. During the investigation, he discovers that the victims had embezzled a large amount of money from the provincial government treasury. What did they do with the money and where did it go? 


Greek Mosaics   Stunning 2200-Year-Old mosaics Discovered in Ancient Greek City 


Three new mosaics were recently discovered in the ancient Greek city of Zeugma, which is located in the present-day province of Gaziantep in southern Turkey. The incredibly well-preserved mosaics date back to 2nd century BC.


Zeugma was considered one of the most important centers of the Eastern Roman Empire and the ancient city has provided a treasure trove of discoveries with 2000-3000 houses in remarkably good condition. Excavations at Zeugma started in 2007 and continue to this day.


For additional information go to below link. 





Son of Zeus Sons of Zeus - Historical Novel


I am currently in the process of reading the above novel which is set in ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian War which took place 431-405 B.C. It is seen through the eyes of a young warrior named, Nikias, who is from the city state of Plataea, which is caught between the war's two arch-rivals, Athens and Sparta. This is what the book jacket says about the story: 


In 431 B.C., Ancient Greece experienced its own "Pearl Harbor"―a treacherous sneak attack that would mark the start of the bloody war between the democracy of Athens and the tyranny of Sparta. Caught between these superpowers, the independent city-state of Plataea became the arena where their battle for control of all of Greece would begin.

In Plataea, the young Greek warrior Nikias dreams of glory in the Olympic games as he trains for the pankration―the no-holds-barred ultimate fighting of the era―until an act of violence in defense of his beloved threatens to send him into exile. But before his trial can take place, a traitor opens the city gates to a surprise attack force.

Suddenly trapped inside their own fortress, the Plataeans are fighting for their lives. As Nikias seeks to discover the identity of the man who betrayed the city, he makes a daring escape, gathers an army, and leads this ragtag band into a suicidal battle at the gates of the citadel―a battle that will decide the fates of his family, his friends, and the woman he loves.


In the vein of Bernard Cornwell, Conn Iggulden, and Steven Pressfield, Sons of Zeus marks the beginning of a richly detailed new action-adventure series.

I will write my on evaluation of the novel when I am finished. There don't seemed to be that many historical novels about Greece on the book market, but this is one of them. So far, I am enjoying it.


The Broken Lance The Broken Lance 


My latest historical, The Broken Lance, will be evaluated by a professional "book doctor", the same one I have used on my previous three novels in April. Once she completes her evaluation, I will make the necessary changes she recommends. Depending on what will be involved, this could take anywhere from one to six-seven months. My goal is to submitted to Sunbury Press by end of this year, and if they accept it for publication, it will be available sometime in 2017. Wish me good luck that the rewrite will be completed sooner than later.


Veronica Dance Champion  On a Personal Note


My granddaughter, Veronica, (lower left kneeling in picture) is a member of the Presentation High school ( San Jose, California ) dance team. They won the national championship in their categories (Medium Classification and Extra Small Classification) down in Florida this last weekend (March 5th/6th). Congratulations, ladies!


That's it for now. Until next time, Ave At Que Vale! Hail and Farewell!




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