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Monday, November 14, 2016

Publication Update



The Broken Lance The Broken Lance Accepted for Publication 


Wonderful news! I am pleased to announce that Sunbury Press (www.sunburypress.com) has accepted my latest novel, The Broken Lance, for publication (No, the picture will not be the book cover, it is only a symbolic representation). I am doing my best to have the rewrite of the second part of this saga, The Peacekeeper ready for submission, January, 2017.




The Sign of the Eagle  Book Sales Success


Good news! Because of sales (book signings) I made at my recent author's events here in the Pacific Northwest, my historical novel, The Sign of the Eagle, was listed number 4 out of the top 50 best-selling books for Sunbury Press (www.sunburypress.com) during the month of October.




 New Reader Lisa    Yokes.jpg   Northtown New Reader Joyce      Book Signing Successes - Update

 Woodinville B&N New Reader Lisa             Yokes Booksigning                 Northtown B&N New Reader Joyce


As I explained in my July blog, multi-entertainment store Hastings Books, Music and Videos was going out of business as of October 31, 2016, the result of filing for bankruptcy. I had explained that nearly one-half of my book signings were conducted at their stores, most were successful. Because Hasting was very supportive of local authors, they gave me the chance to sell my novels on a multi-store basis. Their demise meant I had to look elsewhere to sell books. Yes, my books are available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and my publisher Sunbury Press (www.sunburypress.com). However, I seem to be more successful selling at book signing events than online. Besides, I enjoy getting out and meeting the public. I have met with partial success in replacing Hastings. One local grocery chain, Yoke's Fresh Grocery, which has seventeen stores in Eastern Washington and North Idaho, appears to be a good prospect. So far I have conducted two successful signings at their store in Liberty Lake, Washington, and I will return for two more stores in December (see my book signing schedule for dates for all my signings past and present). I will contacting more of their stores after the first of the year for possible events.


I have also picked up signings at Barnes & Noble, Northtown Mall, Spokane, Washington. The signing of November 5th, was very successful, and I will return December 17th. Another B&N store, this one in San Jose, California, their Eastridge store has been added to the mix as well. I will be signing there March 18, 2017, in addition to the Blossom Hill B&N at which I have previously signed and will again in conjunction to Eastridge, March 19, 2017. 


After the first of January, 2017, I will be contacting several stores for additional book signings, including independent stores in the Seattle and Puget Sound. I conducted a successful signing at B&N Woodinville, Washington, in October, and the manager asked me call back in January to arrange for another signing in the Spring.


The only less than stellar signing was at Aunties Book Store, Spokane, Washington. When started signings in 2012, Aunties gave me the chance to sign there. I did fairly well. However, they have changed ownership. I did a signing for them September 24th. Management allowed me only two hours, which is completely inadequate time for me to succeed, I usually need a four hour block. As a result I sold very few books. As authors, we are urged to support independent book stores. Unfortunately, I don't feel that was the case with Aunties. I have no plans to return there in the future. Ironically, I have done far better at Hastings, when they were in business, and now Barns and Noble and Yoke's Fresh Market.



  Rome Myth & Mythmaking Exhibition - Roman Myth and Myth Making


October 15th, 2016, I visited the Jundt Art Museum on the campus of Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington. They are holding an exhibition from September 17 - December 17, 2016, titled, Roman Myth and Mythmaking. The purpose of the exhibition is: "...examines how the ancient Romans constructed and spread their religious and cultural beliefs as seen through mostly small-scale objects, such as coins (a lot of those), gems, lamps, and statues, they created and used on a daily basis. The historical figures, divinities, personifications, and heroes chosen by them to decorate these objects informs us about Romans' history, their beliefs, and their myths."


This is a very interesting exhibition of many artifacts. It is followed up with weekly lectures, given every Thursday night by noted professors on various aspects of Roman life, until the end of the exhibition. Unfortunately, the public is not allowed to take photos and so I am using a souvenir card. From left to right: (1) coin - reverse of Cistophorus with statue of Diana of Perge, A.D. 98 - 117; (2) Marble statue Aphrodite 1st centuries B.C. - A.D; (3) Statuette of a Herm, 

Ist Century A.D.



 Myth of Disapearing Book Myth of the Disappearing Book


After years of sales growth, major publishers reported a fall in their e-book sales for the first time this year, introducing new doubts about the potential of e-books in the publishing industry. A Penguin executive even admitted recently that the e-books hype may have driven unwise investment, with the company losing too much confidence in “the power of the word on the page.”


Yet despite the increasing realization that digital and print can easily coexist in the market, the question of whether the e-book will “kill” the print book continues to surface. It doesn’t matter if the intention is to predict or dismiss this possibility; the potential disappearance of the book does not cease to stimulate our imagination.


Why is this idea so powerful? Why do we continue to question the encounter between e-books and print books in terms of a struggle, even if all evidence points to their peaceful coexistence? 


For more information go to the below link. http://theconversation.com/the-myth-of-the-disappearing-book-66717



Eva.jpg  Uvi.jpg   Food and Feast   Patty Wiseman    Thank You to Four Gracious Ladies 

          Eva Blaskovic                           Uvi  Poznansky                         Laura Vosika              Patty Wiseman



Lastly, I want to thank Authors Eva Blaskovic, Uvi Poznansky, Laura Vosika and Patty Wiseman for taking time out of their busy schedules to be interviewed by me for this blog. These are a group of most talented, fascinating ladies, and I highly recommend the reading their books. Thank so much!



That is all until next time. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Salve atque Vale!



Jess Steven Hughes




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