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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Broken Lance is now Available The Broken Lance Book Cover



At long last The Broken Lance was released July 14th. It is available from Sunbury Press The Broken Lance at Sunbury Press, Amazon USA, UK, Australia and Canada, and Barnes & Noble online.



The Broken Lance is also available on Kindle and can also be ordered at your local brick and mortar store.


Summary of  The Broken Lance: Check the home page and book review page for a summary of the story and book review by author Janet Morris.



Book Sales Book Cover


Although The Broken Lance was only available for pre-order in June, the novel was number eight in sales for Sunbury Press (www.sunburypress.com) for the month. Not a bad start.




Short Story Roman Britain Romanisation


Wonderful news! I received word that my short story, A Body in the River, will be published in the September issue of Conceit Magazine , a literary publication. The story is set in Roman Britain, 71 A.D. It may eventually part of a historical novel I am writing, Return to Britannia (working title). The main character for both stories is Macha, daughter of the British king, Caratacus. She was the main protagonist in my first historical, The Sign of the Eagle. In the short story, see spots a body floating down the Thames River.



Breast Cancer Survivors and my Novels Breast Cancer Awareness


The two following messages which I received moved me deeply. If my novels helped these fine ladies in there recovery from such a devastating disease, then all my writing struggles have been worth it. I can identify with them and their loved ones as my wife, Liz, is a fourteen year breast cancer survivor.


Message One



My wife was voracious reader (and we have the multiple book cases filled to overflowing to prove it) of all genres, both fiction and non (she has a screenplay about Captain Cook she is shopping for which she did extensive research) however.. 


This all came to an end when she was hit by breast cancer. The cancer was bad enough but the treatment, as you may know, is very much a race to see who dies first - the cancer or the patient. So it was that on all the medications she lost her ability to concentrate and reading was no longer the joy it once was. 


And then she saw your post about The Broken Lance and the critic's reaction to the language. "I've got to read that book' was her reaction. Of course, it was not yet available so we picked up a copy of The Wolf Of Britannia. She read it cover to cover and enjoyed it immensely. 


Your book helped her breakthrough the logjam of medication and rediscover the joy of reading that she once knew so well. 


Just wanted you to know that your book was a hit, and I expect more of your volumes to find a home on our bookshelves in short order. 



Thank you




Message Two



Just thought you would like to know. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, going through surgery, chemo, radiation, and post chemo meds, my senses deteriorated almost completely. Before the diagnosis, I was a voracious reader; finishing a book in a few days. After the treatments, my concentration was nearly zero; couldn't remember what I had read from page to page.


Still on meds, but when heard about your book, I asked my husband to get it for me. For the first time, I was able to keep my attention on the book for more than a few minutes. Read a chapter every night, then progressed to two, then three chapters, and finally, finished the last five chapters in one night. Thank you for your book that got me back into one of my great loves. Just bought the next book.




Cache of New Roman Letters Discovered at Hadrian's Wall New Roman Letters Hadrians Wall


A cache of 25 Roman letters has been found at Vindolanda, the fort below Hadrian’s Wall where the most famous documents from the Roman world were discovered in 1992, first-person accounts of cold feet, beer running short, and jolly birthday parties at the northernmost edge of the empire.


The tablets are still being conserved, before being scanned with infrared light which should make the faint marks in black ink legible, but the cursive script is invariably a cryptic crossword puzzle that will take experts many months to solve.


However, the archaeologists have already spotted that one of the tablets may refer to a character already well known from the original find: Masclus was then writing to his commanding officer asking for more beer supplies to be sent to his outpost on the wall. In the newly discovered letter, Masclus is requesting leave – possibly with a painful hangover.


Most of the new letters are written like the original find on thin slivers of birch, but there is particular excitement about one double-leaved oak tablet, as the two pieces of timber folded together usually give particularly good preservation of ink and the wood was used for more important correspondence than the more plentiful birch.


For more details see the following link: New Cache of Roman Letters Discovered at Hadrians Wall  




Return to Britannia - Work in Progress Steve Penning Sixth Historical Novel B&A Spokane Valley WA

                                                             Steve Penning Sixth Novel


Because I have been busy working around our home (we have four acres) and promoting my latest novel, I have not had the time that I needed to work on my six novel (the fifth, The Peacekeeper, will be released November/December). I have only completed two chapters. I read chapter two to my support group, The Red Ink Fictioneers twice.


The members were very helpful making several constructive suggestions. Now, I can proceed with chapter three. The story takes place in Roman Britain, 71 A.D. Macha, the protagonist of my first novel, The Sign of the Eagle, returns to Britannia with husband Titus, who is a tribune in the Praetorian Guard. He has been dispatched by the Emperor, Vespasian, to investigate the murder of three bureaucrats.


Things are not necessarily what they may seem. As an aside, Macha wants to learn more about the fate of her father, Caratacus, who use to rule several tribes in Britannia, before the Romans invaded in 43 A.D. He escaped from Italy during the rebellion by Boudicca in Britain, 60 A.D. She had not heard a word about him since that time.



On a Personal Note Steve and Liz Wedding Day

                                Congratulations, Steve & Liz


On July 11th, Liz and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary. Can't believe the time has flown by that fast. Even though we have had our share of ups and downs, the marriage has remained solid. This was Liz's first marriage and my second. This one will go the distance. Happy anniversary to my wonderful wife, I love you!



That's about all for now. Until next time, Salve Atque Vale! Hail and Farewell!



Jess Steven Hughes



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