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Friday, September 22, 2017

Autumn is Here! Update





Blog update


It has been two months since my last update, and I apologize for being tardy--many things going on in my life.


The Broken Lance - Update Broken Lance


Since the release of my latest historical novel, The Broken Lance, sales are moving along nicely, especially, the book signings I have conducted at Barnes & Noble. However, you wouldn't know it by looking at sales statistics on Amazon's website. They are very misleading. However, I am pleased to announce that The Broken Lance, along with my first historical, The Sign of the Eagle, were in Sunbury Press's (www.sunburypress.com) top twenty-five category for sales during the month of August.


Book Signings  The Broken Lance  MattNorthtownMall.jpg

                                                                     New Reader Matt at The Northtown Mall


Between August 5th and September 16th, I conducted seven book signings at Barnes & Noble Booksellers and Yoke's Fresh Market stores. The Woodinville B&N, August 5th, was the launching date for The Broken Lance, and did very well. Besides selling The Broken Lance, I sold copies of my other three novels as well. Sales were better than expected. The Barnes and Noble events in general were very successful, whereas, Yoke's was so-so. Being that Yoke's is a grocery store chain, located in Eastern Washington and North Idaho, I expected that. However, it gave me an outlet that replaced the defunct Hastings stores. Since they are in the area where I live, people like the fact that I am a local author, some are practically neighbors. I will be returning those stores again in the future. Check the book signing segment of my website for details along with future events at Barnes & Noble.


Developments at Sunbury Press  Milford House Press


In the future Sunbury Press will be launching a new line of five imprints. My novels will eventually placed under imprint, Milford House, which will be used for most fiction genres. They will still be published by Sunbury Press. More details in the future. Sunbury Press was invited to join a new site geared towards movie and television opportunities. The site will allow the publisher to promote their book titles to Hollywood and other entertainment industry producers and directors. So, Lawrence Knorr, owner and publisher of Sunbury Press will be promoting a select numbers of books, I hope he will include mine. We will see what the future brings.


Return to Britannia - The Work Continues  RomanLondonoverview.jpg

                                                                    Roman London Overview


The work on Return to Britannia (working title) continues very slowly. I am still look for the right direction in which to take this story. Right now, I have two parallel plots: Solving the murders of three bureaucrats and Macha being kidnapped by British rebels. I have begun chapter three and written three scenes, including one in which Macha is attacked by a lone assassin. Fortunately, she kills him. I am also developing the major characters of this story, too. This is taking much longer than I had planned. Part of the problem is I am spending a lot of time promoting my current novels. If I don't promote my books, no one else will do it for me. The publisher does not have the budget for major promotions (although he is trying his best).


60 ancient shipwrecks found by climate scientists at bottom of Black Sea  Black Sea sunken Romanship

Dozens of perfectly preserved ancient shipwrecks have been found at the bottom of the Black Sea. This image shows a 3D 

model of a Roman ship lying in over 2000m (650 ft) of water. Its mast still stands, both quarter rudders with their tillers

are still attached. Rope is still draped over the frames due to the preservation of materials in the Black Sea’s anoxic conditions. 


Scientists stumbled upon the graveyard while using underwater robots to survey the effects of climate change along the Bulgarian coast. Because the Black Sea contains almost no light or oxygen, little life can survive, meaning the wrecks are in excellent condition.


Researchers say their discovery is 'truly unrivaled'. Many of the ships have features that are only known from drawings or written description but never seen until now. Carvings in the wood of some ships have remained intact for centuries, while well-preserved rope was found aboard one 2,000-year-old Roman vessel.

Read more at Shipwreck!



A Couple of Personal notes. Steve working with trainer  Palamino Kit

                                           Steve with trainer              The Palamino "Kit"



I have been working out at the Liberty Lake Athletic Club (Liberty Lake, Washington) with a personal trainer (two days a week plus weight-lifting one day on my own) since last May. In that time I have lost nearly 19 pounds (from 200 to 181, my goal is 180) and am still slowly going down. Since it took a long time to put on the weight, it will take a long time to get it off, but it is happening. My final goal is 175 pounds. Still got to rid of this gut. I keep plugging away. Once I do reach my final goal, I will continue to maintain the weight and keep working with my trainer. As you grow older, it is important to stay in good physical condition. Although I'm 75, I'm not ready for the rest home anytime soon.


I am sad to report that we had to have our beloved palomino, Kit, put down (Monday, September 18th). She was 27 years old. Recently, she had suffered from several medical issues. Sunday night (Sept. 17th), she was taken to an equine hospital here in Spokane Valley, Washington, for testing and observation. Because of her age and many other factors, Liz made the tough decision to have her put to sleep. This is the second horse we have lost in less than one year. We still have two younger horses, Annie and Darby who are in excellent health. Like our other pets, horses are part of the family. There loss is hard on us. Rest in peace, dear Kit.




That is all for now. Until next time, Salve Atque Vale! Hail and Farewell!




Jess Steven Hughes




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