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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Book Update


Book Signing Update  Blossom Hill San Jose CA Reader Tom Woodinville, WA Reader Michelle B&N The Broken Lance Reader Tom

                                    Abel, B&N Blossom Hill, San Jose,CA                    Michelle, B&N Woodinville,WA                             Tom, B&N Spokane Valley




Between September 23rd and October 28th, I signed copies of my books at Barnes & Noble Bookseller stores at the Northtown Mall, Spokane; Eastside store, Spokane Valley; Woodinville, Washington and the Blossom Hill store, San Jose, California. Other stores where I signed included: Yoke's Fresh Market, Liberty Lake, Washington; Liberty Lake Chevron, Liberty Lake, WA and EntertainMART, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The Barnes & Noble signings were very successful. Liberty Lake Chevron and Yoke's were so-so (nevertheless, both stores want me to return). 


However, EntertainMART gave me the biggest surprise. I had brought in books for the signing on consignment; they would pay me for books that I signed and sold. However, management decided to buy all the books I had on hand outright. They purchased a total of twenty-one copies combined of my four novels. This caught me by total surprise. Book manager, Marie, said, "We know what you don't sell today, you will return at future dates until they are all sold." Needless to say, I will return for another signing, Saturday, November 18th. I will also be returning to the other B&N stores as well for encore signings.  Management in each store was pleased with my efforts and numbers sold.




Book Sales Milford House Logo


Already in their first month as imprints, The Broken Lance and The Sign of the Eagle were number four and five respectively in sales, for the month of September, for Sunbury Press' (www.sunburypress.com) for Milford House 





Short Story Macha


For those of you who might be interested, my short story, A Body in the River, has been published by the literary publication, Conceit Magazine, September issue, Volume 11, Number 126. Cost $4.50 per magazine. Make checks payable to: Perry Terrell – Editor, Conceit Magazine, P. O. Box 884223, San Francisco, CA 94188-4223.


This story will probably be the basis for the first chapter of the novel I am currently writing, Return to Britannia (working title). As in The Sign of the Eagle, the main character is Macha, daughter of Caratacus. Link: Conceit Magazine 




Roman Roads ViaEgnatia.jpg

Via Egnatia – The ancient Roman road that connected Rome with Constantinople


"All roads lead to Rome", "one of the reasons why the Roman Empire became as powerful as it did was because of their ingenious and long-lasting roads. The Romans were famous road builders. Their vast road network laid the foundations for modern day highways across Europe, with many of them being built directly over the ancient ones or running parallel to them. At the peak of the Roman Empire, the total distance that the roads covered was around 250,000 miles."


"With the help of this network, the Romans were able to transport reinforcements, supplies, and trade goods to even the most distant and secluded parts of their empire. The roads were also crucial for the foundation and development of many cities. People often picked roadside locations for their settlements, and some of those settlements became major cities." For additional information see the enclosed link: The Vintage News 




Emperor Caligula's Mosaic Emperor Caligula's Mosaic.jpg


A four-foot square piece of mosaic thought to have come from ceremonial ship belonging to Emperor Caligula has been repatriated to Italy.


NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK—According to a report in NBC News, a four-foot square piece of mosaic thought to have graced a ceremonial ship belonging to Emperor Caligula has been repatriated to Italy. The ships sailed Lake Nemi, which is located about 20 miles south of Rome, and served as a retreat for the emperor during his reign from A.D. 37 to 41. The “floating palaces” were sunk after he was assassinated. In the 1930s, Mussolini drained the lake, and many of the artifacts, including the marble flooring from the ships, were moved to a museum, which was damaged during World War II. Italian authorities believe the flooring was looted from the museum after the war. The mosaic had been held in private hands in New York for the more than 45 years. For more, go to “Rome's Imperial Port.”


Read more about Emperor Caligula's Mosaic






On a Personal Note  Steve workout Liberty Lake AC

                                         Steve's Workout at Liberty Lake Athletic Club




As some of you know, after a hiatus I returned to working out at the Liberty Lake Athletic Club, Liberty Lake, Washington, last May.I work out twice a week with a personal trainer and once a week on my own. One of my goals was to lose weight, from 200 down to 180 pounds. I have finally reached that objective. My final goal is to reach 175 pounds. That will take longer. As I am losing weight, I am also increasing muscle mass, therefore, a combination of dieting (which I have been doing all along) and exercise will eventually get me there. Even when I do reach that goal, I will keep working out. My trainer, Lisa, keeps me very honest, plus it is so routine now, I can't see why I should stop. I keep plugging away. Not bad for being 75 years old.





For now, that's all. Until next time, Salve Atque Vale! Hail and Farewell!




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