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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Book Sales Update



Book Signing Update New Reader Amy at YokesNew Reader Brandon at Spokane Valley B&NNew Reader Kyrin Broken LanceNew Reader Stephie at B&N

                                                       New Readers for The Broken Lance:   Yokes-Amy  and Barnes and Noble-Brandon, Kyria and Stephanie in Spokane Valley                                                                                   


After my book signings in January/February, got off to a slow start, sales for the first four book signings (Yoke's Fresh Market, Liberty Lake, Washington, March 2nd; and Barnes & Noble, Spokane Valley, WA, March 3rd/4th and Kennewick, WA, March 10th) in March picked up significantly, far exceeding my expectations. To say the least, management was very pleased. E.g. Kennewick B&N manager, Rob, who is new to the store manager, had this to say, "I heard you were a "real go getter. Now, that I have seen you in action, I believe it! Most authors just sit at the table looking at their cell phones or the desk, never speaking to anyone." In addition to signings at these stores, I will also be conducting signings @ B&N stores in San Jose (Blossom Hill), California; Bozeman, Montana,; Silverdale, WA, and returning for encores @ the previous store which I have already signed this year. Check the book signing page for dates and times.




Book Sales Update The Sign of the Eagle Book Cover


The Sign of the Eagle was number three in sales for fiction for the Milford House imprint for the month of January, 2018. The Broken Lance dropped off the top 15 chart, but should return by March. I sold a lot of copies during the first book signings for the month. More should follow.




The Peace Keeper Update The Peacekeeper


The second edit of the novel is well underway by my editor at Sunbury Press (www.sunburypress.com). I also submitted a description of the book for the back cover. The editor said it was too long, and she will she will shorten it. I told her to make whatever changes she deemed necessary. I have worked with her on three previous novels, and I trust her judgement. 




Return to Britannia Update and Name Change  Roman London street scene

                                                                                                        Roman London Street Scene


I have changed the name of my current work in progress from, Return to Britannia (this was a working title only) to The Emperor's Hand. I may change it again, but for now, this will do. It is much closer to what I want in way of a title because in the story, Macha's husband, Titus, represents Emperor Vespasian in Britannia.


The writing continues at a slow pace, a lot of research left to do. I emailed a letter to Lawrence Knorr, publisher of Sunbury Press, informing him that I should complete the novel in approximately two years. He has added me to the list of books in progress by his stable of authors.


In the meantime,  I have submitted chapter three to a literary publication,  Conceit Magazine, as a short story, titled, Roman London is a Dangerous Place. It will be published in the June, 2018 issue.




Rare Roman Gloves Found at Hadrian's Wall Rare Roman Gloves


"They are among the latest discoveries at a pre-Hadrianic Roman cavalry barrack, which was found last year beneath the fourth-century stone fort of Vindolanda, south of Hadrian’s Wall near Hexham, Northumberland."--The Guardian


Unearthed near Hadrian’s Wall: lost secrets of first Roman soldiers to fight the barbarians

Read more: Rare Roman Boxing Gloves Found at Hadrians Wall 




On a Personal Note Slim Princess Garden RailwayArticle

                                    Slim Princess Sourthern Pacific Narrow-Gauge Line


As some of you know besides writing historical novels, my other passion is running outdoor model trains. A few months ago, Garden Railways Magazine accepted for publication a picture of one of my model trains. This is a replica of real train known as the "Slim Princess," that ran on the Southern Pacific's narrow-gauge line, in Northern California, from 1911 to 1960. It is now on permanent display, at the Law Railroad Museum, outside of the town of Bishop, California. The picture was published in the April, 2018 issue. The publication retains all rights to this picture. Do not reproduce or transfer with the Garden Railways permission.




That is all for now. I wish you all best. Salve Atque Vale! Hail and Farewell!





Jess Steven Hughes







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