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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Peacekeeper is Published!

The Peacekeeper is Available, Now. The Peacekeeper



The Peacekeeper, the fifth historical novel in what has been now designated as the Britannia Romanus series, was officially released by Sunbury Press.  Followed by Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

It is also available through Amazon's international outlets including Great Britain (.uk), Canada (.ca) and Australia (.au).


The official book launch, where I will conducting the first signing of my new novel, will take place at Barnes & Noble, Eastside, 15310 E. Indiana Ave., Spokane Valley, Washington, Saturday, August 4th, 11 a.m./5 p.m. I will also be signing copies of the other four novels in the series. For additional signing events, please check the book signing page.


Book Signing Successes  DyesInletPugetSoundSilverdaleWA.jpg New Reader Jennifer Silverdale B&N

                                                  Jennifer and Dyes Inlet from Silverdale, WA         New Reader Jennifer at Siverdale B&N




I continue to do well at Barnes & Noble, Spokane Valley, Washington, where I conducted a signing, Saturday, June 9th. I live only about ten minutes from the store and am considered the unofficial resident writer. Once  again management was pleased with the large number of sales and the store will be the site of my book launch for The Peacekeeper. 


The book signing at Barnes & Noble, Silverdale, Washington (next to Bremerton US Naval Base), Saturday, June 23rd, located near Dyes Inlet, on Puget Sound, was successful beyond my expectations. I met a lot of interesting people, passed out many flyers and signed many copies of The Broken Lance and The Sign of the Eagle Trilogy. To say the least, management was pleased. "This is the best book signing the store has seen in a long time," store manger, Martha, said. "I'm pleased you made arrangements with Amy (events coordinator) to return in September 8th."


I want to thank store manager, Martha, events coordinator, Amy, assistant manager, Sarah, associate, Jordan, and the rest of the Barnes & Noble staff who contributed to the success of this event.



The Sign of the Eagle Success Continues The Sign of the Eagle



Once again, my first historical novel, The Sign of the Eagle, placed in the top fifteen in sales for the Milford House imprint, in position number two. This novel has been one of Sunbury Press' best-sellers in fiction since it was first released in 2012. I believe part of the popularity comes not only from the story's time period and suspense, but also because of the number of strong female characters within the novel.


Roman Discovery from Turkey  Emperors290AD.jpg

                                                                 Two Emperors 290 A.D.


Recently a major discovery was made of the statues of two emperors (a Diarch), Diocletian and Maximian, embracing one another. This comes from Nicomedia (Turkey), dated approximately 290 AD. What is so remarkable is that it can be seen in its painted (albeit fading) form. Usually, most statues from the classical world have been bleached white of all paint by modern times. 


Restoration of an ancient fountain from Pompeii


           Fountain from Pompeii   


Members of the the Marco Aurelio Project have done an wonderful job of restoring this fountain to an incredible level of color.           




On a Personal Note - Confession of a Writer  StarbucksBNSpokaneValley.jpg

                                                                                Writing at Starbucks B&N in Spokane Valley, WA


Many of you know me on FaceBook as a writer of historical novels. You may also know I am one who likes model railroading, Roman history, horses, weight lifting, etc.


For many years my first passion has been writing. I realize a lot of you have no interest in that or any other literary activities. I respect that, we all have different interests. But at age seventy-six, like my other activities, it gives me reason to live and keep going on, I'm not one to sit around doing nothing.


I have a confession to make. I am not a natural-born writer. Every page I write is a struggle of creation. Every page means re-writing and more re-writing. And I am not the most eloquent writer. I am slow; a plodder. It takes me a long time to produce a compelling (I hope), readable work. It is why for many years I attended the writers support group, Red Ink Fictioneers. This group of established authors kept me honest; learning about writing fiction.


Over the years I have observed many perspective writers who were endowed with far greater talent than mine, who gave up before completing what would have been great books. Why? Because they were quitters, they lacked self-discipline and persistence.

In the meantime, I kept plugging away, continuing to learn from my mistakes, despite one set-back and rejection after another.


I am grateful to have found a publisher, Sunbury Press , a traditional press, who believed in me, and gave me a chance to succeed. Even then, the editors assigned to my novels, made sure to get the best out of me. In each one of my four published novels, I did major rewrites of chapters, added new chapters and changed endings. The goal was not a good novel but a great novel.


Whether or not I have succeeded, I am not sure. However, I will continue to promote my novels (some of you FB friends find it boring) and will to continue to write. This is my passion, and this with the support of my wife, Liz, an my other interests keeps an old guy like me going.


I hope I haven't bored you too much. I know the writers out there will understand, if no one else does.


Another Personal Note - Wedding Anniversary   weddingdayLizSteve.jpg

                                                                                                  Liz & Steve's Wedding Day



As of Wednesday, July 11th, Liz and I will have been married thirty-seven years. This was my second (and last) and Liz's first marriage. We have had our ups and downs and in most marriages, but it has passed the trials of time; this one is a keeper. I love you, honey, you truly are my soul mate.




That's all for now. I wish everyone a great Summer! Salve Atque Vale! Hail and Farewell!



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