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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

August Update-The Peacekeeper




Book Launch-Signing Follow-Up  New Reader Jenniferat B&N Spokane Valley.jpgNew Reader Victor at B&N Kennewick,WA.jpgThe Peacekeeper

                                                                Jennifer at B&N Spokane Valley,             Victor at B&N Kennewick, WA,                    The Peacekeeper Imprint


The book launch of my latest historical, The Peacekeeper, started at Barnes & Noble-Booksellers, Spokane Valley, Washington, August 4th, and continued at two other B&N's at Kennewick and Spokane - Northtown Mall, Washington, August 11th and 18th. Sales of this particular book were moderately successful, but as a whole, across the board, all five of my books did well as these events. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the Northtown Mall store did not receive copies of The Peacekeeper in time for the August 18th signing. Assistant store manager, Bryan, is looking into the reason for the delay. Regardless, my other four novels, did well, sales wise. All in all, the three events were successful, and I will return for encores at each store (see book signing page).


Book Sales BritanniaRomanusphoto5pics.jpg

                                                                   Britannia Romanus Series Book Covers


For the month of July, 2018, all five novels in the Britannia Romanus series were in the top 20 in sales for Sunbury Press' Milford House imprint. They were as follows: (3) The Peacekeeper; (6) The Wolf of Britannia, Part II; (10) The Broken Lance; (12) The Wolf of Britannia, Part III; (17) The Sign of the Eagle


The Emperor's Hand - Continuation of a new novel in progress Roman London Overview

                                                                                                                                                                   Roman London Overview


The work on this novel continues at a slow pace. I have gone back to the beginning to rewrite. Only a few changes made to chapter one. Chapter two required major changes and a lot of rewriting. I will probably return to it for more, but now I am focusing on chapter three. I made what I call a couple of "left turns," and that is why I returned to the beginning. My publisher was hoping I would complete this novel in less than two years, but this is doubtful. I could, but it would be a piece of junk. That is not me.



How The Ancient Romans Made Better Concrete Than We do Now  Pantheon

                                                                                                                                                          The Pantheon


If you've ever wondered why the ancient structures of Rome have endured for millennia, when our own modern concrete is susceptible to cracks and crumbles, well, now you have your answer. Researchers recreated the Roman recipe and discovered that the formation of a certain kind of crystal in the concrete is the reason for the durability.


Image: The Pantheon by the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World


In "Mechanical resilience and cementitious processes in Imperial Roman architectural mortar" published in PNAS, researchers, led by Marie D. Jackson of the University of California at Berkeley, detail their work and the results. The team reproduced the Roman concrete recipe, allowed it to harden for 180 days, and then examined it using X-Rays.


The Roman recipe used by the team involves adding volcanic rocks to a liquid mortar. To make the mortar, ancient Romans — and the modern research team — started by heating limestone into quicklime, and then added water and volcanic ash. The key ratio for this mixture is three parts ash to one part lime. Rome had no shortage of volcanic ash to use, since volcanoes lay to north and south of Rome. But the ancient Romans settled on the Pozzolane Rosse ash from the Alban Hills volcano to the south. For additional information see link below. Roman Concrete 



On a Personal Note Chatty introduces himself Chatty and Lionel become friends

                                                     Chatty introduces himself                                           Chatty and Lionel become friends


A new cat has become part of our family. His name is, Chatty, a Siamese-tabby mixture who is probably no more than a year and one-half. He wandered into our yard from our pasture, we don't where he came from. We made inquiries, but no one claimed him. He is very friendly, apparently, he had been around people, but our veterinarian believes he might have been abandoned. He seemed to be more of a feral cat, but now he is getting use to coming into the house, but for now he still sleeps in the barn. We hope to have him fully use to being in the house by winter, as we want to protect him from the elements. We get nearly fifty inches of snow each winter and experience several arctic freezes as well. Fortunately, he and our other cat, Lionel, get along very well. 




For now, that's all there is until next time, Salve Atque Vale! Hail and Farewell!





-Jess Steven Hughes




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