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Sunday, January 20, 2019

January Update




Guest Blog Interviews


During the past several months, I have conducted guest blog interviews with authors writing in a variety of genres. This has proven popular enough that I plan additional interviews, beginning February with guest author and Roman historian, Lindsay Powell. His latest books include, Marcus Agrippa: Right Hand of Caesar Augustus and Augustus at War.




Current Blog Update


For the month of January, it is time to update my status.




The Emperor's Hand Roman London overview

                                          Roman London




The writing of The Emperor's Hand, a sequel to The Sign of the Eagle, has slowed to a snail's pace. I had to return to square one and re-start at the beginning. Although the first three chapters have remained basically the same, more detail was added. Chapters four and five were too plodding. Starting with chapter six, I have changed the basic theme, from murder mystery to rebellion and the abduction of the main character, Macha.


She is kidnapped by rebels, who want her to be their next queen, when they overthrow the Romans, because she was the daughter of Caratacus. She is horrified and wants no part of the plan. The Boudiccan revolt, which was put down the Romans, ten years before, is still a vivid memory in the minds of Britons and Romans alike. She knows any new revolt would be crushed immediately and tries to persuade the rebels to give up their disastrous plan. The story must worked out in greater detail.




Family Medical Problems


What has contributed to the slow progress of the novel has been a series of medical problems, beginning in October 2018, that have struck Liz and I, and have continued to the present time. Hopefully, the end of these problems are in sight. In October, Liz was thrown from her horse, Darby, and broke the Humerus bone in her upper left arm and damaged the rotator cuff. This required surgery and four days in the hospital. For six weeks, I did most of the house work and caring for the horses. Then in December, I was diagnose with pneumonia and was on back for nearly two weeks. I had completely from that when on Monday, January 14th, I had successful cataract surgery to the right eye. That will be followed, Monday, January 28th, with surgery to the left eye. I am already seeing better out of the right eye. I should see better out of the left eye when all is said and done. That will allow me to return to writing The Emperor's Hand, and continue with a new round of book signings this Spring.


Book Signing Update  B&N Northtown Mall Debbie  RomanBrittania2019.jpg      Milford House Logo

                                      B&N Northtown Mall Longtime Reader Debbie,                      The Sign of the Eagle...The Wolf of Brittania,                                   Milford House Publishing                                                            


During the past year, including Fall, 2018, I conducted several successful book signings. Because of Liz's injuries, I had to cancel three signings in October/November, but rescheduled them in December. Overall sales, for the month of December, were particularly successful. Four of my five novels were listed in the top twenty best-sellers for Sunbury Press' Milford House imprint. They were: #2. The Broken Lance; #3 The Sign of the Eagle; #4 The Wolf of Britannia, Part I and #13 The Wolf of Britannia, Part II.


See Book Signing page for the list of Spring 2019 signings.


Facts in Roman History


From time to time, in the future, I will present some interesting facts from Roman history and articles regarding modern day discoveries from the ancient world (this I have done on a fairly regular basis).


The Festival of Juno  Festival of Juno

                                               Festival of Juno




January 18th - The Ludi Palatini, & the Festival of Juno Lucina 


A woman's festival for Juno was held on this date on the Esquiline Hill for Juno Lucina. "Beneath the Esquiline hillside there was a grove, unaxed for years, named after great Juno "(Ovid, Fasti 2.435-436).  The hill had received its name from the many oaks planted on it by King Servius Tullius.


"There stood the grove of the Goddess, dark-shadowed, immemorial - one step inside and you know that some spirit resides within the place. There's a rough old altar, raised by divine hands, where worshippers mutter prayers over incense plumes. Through garland streets, with solemn chanting to the skirl of flutes, and the cheers of bystanders, comes the annual procession, leading snow-white heifers, sleek on Falerian pastures, and young calves, un-bellowing, with yet buds on their foreheads. Humble pigs from the sty come next to placate the God, and whethers with horns curved round their temples. Only the goat is banned, by Juno's command. When She fled from Jove's wedding bed, and sought shelter deep within this forest, the bleat of a goat gave Her away. So to this day little children cast sticks at the tattler, and whoever scores first, by Her law, wins a nanny goat as prize. Ahead of the Goddess walks youths and shy virgins, their hems sweeping the broad streets, the girls hair all entwined with gold and jewels, gilded shoes peering out from underneath embroidered mantles. Veiled, white-robed in Greek fashion, maidens bear the sacred vessels on their heads. The crowd falls into silent reverence as Juno Herself passes on a gilded float drawn by Her priestesses." ~ P. Ovidius Naso, 'Amores' 3.13.7-31


Caesar Augustus  CaesarAugustus.jpg




January 18th. On this day in 27 BC Octavian was granted the title "Augustus" which means "revered" in honor of the great peace and order he had established throughout the empire.




That's all for this month. Don't forget, I will be hosting a guest blog interview with author and Roman historian, Lindsay Powell, in February. Until then, Salve Atque Vale! Hail and Farewell!






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