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Monday, October 28, 2019

Autumn Leaves



Blog UpdateAutumn Leaf




It has been two months since my last update. Time slips away, especially, when you are so busy: writing the Emperor's Hand, book signings, working out at the gym, outdoor model railroading and life in general. Things happen. Still, it's no excuse for not updating my blog on a regular basis. I will attempt to be more conscientious in the future, which will include having guest bloggers in the future, probably starting in 2020.



Book Signings and Sales Yokes New Reader Bob Hughes B&N at Silverdale,WA New Readers Lindsey & Bodie  B&N Steve Display Silverdale,WA Steve signing new reader Ann B&N Gilroy,CA


                                                      New readers: Bob at Yoke's                    Lindsey and son, Bodie                       Book Display at Silverdale                                  Ann, Gilroy,CA



Since my last blog entry, book signings at Barnes & Noble Booksellers continue to be successful. I have already arranged for a couple of signings in 2020 (Blossom Hill, San Jose, CA, and Bozeman, MT). The other stores asked me to wait until after the first of the year to make specific arrangements. Another B&N store, Olympia, plans to come aboard as well.



Yoke's Fresh Market, Liberty Lake, WA, continues to be a successful venue, and I will return for another signing, Friday, November 1st.



Unfortunately, my last two signings at EntertainMART, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, were duds.  I will neither return to that store, and as I previously mentioned in my last blog, nor to 2nd Look Books. I do hope to find other venues for my signing events.




The Emperor's Hand - Update Roman London Map 

                                                                Roman London map



Work proceeds at a slow but steady pace. Currently, I am working on the character of Titus, husband of the main protagonist, Macha. He is a military tribune in the Praetorian Guard. He will play a much more significant role in this story as opposed to his character in my debut novel, The Sign of the Eagle, when Macha was trying to clear him of the false accusation of treason. In this novel, like Macha, we will see the story through his POV (point of view) as he searches for his kidnapped wife.


I received an email a few weeks again from the publisher of Sunbury Press, Lawrence Knorr, asking when the novel will be completed. I answered not at least until Summer, 2020 (probably more like Autumn). He also asked me if I was planning on a trip to Britain anytime in the near future. Unfortunately, I have no plans for the immediate future.




Book Recommendation Robert_Harris_Imperium       Robert_Harris_Conspirata      Robert_Harris_Dictator 

                                         Robert Harris Trilogy:  Imperium, Conspirata and Dictator



Over the years, I have read many historical novels, about ancient Rome, but the trilogy about the Roman statesman and Republican advocate, Cicero, by Robert Harris is one of the best. Composed of three books: Imperium; Conspirata & Dictator, describes Cicero's rise to fame and power, fall from grace and ultimate death at the order of Mark Antony. The stories are fast-paced, suspenseful, with fully developed characters. This is one of the most insightful examinations into Cicero's life, far superior to Taylor Caldwell's novel about Cicero, Pillar of Iron, which I read many years ago. In her novel, the characters all sounded the same, and she showed very few of his very human flaws and foibles. Robert Harris shows Cicero for the person that he really was, but reader cannot help but sympathize and root for him. I know I did.


The trilogy is available online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble or can be found or ordered at any brick and mortar store.



Archaeologists Unearth Fossilized Roman Chariot with Two Horses in CroatiaFossilized Roman chariot and horses

                                                                                                                      Fossilized Roman Chariot & Horses




A team of archaeologists working in Croatia unearth an ancient Roman chariot that was buried in ritual fashion along with two horses.


The  fossilized remains were discovered in a large burial chamber that belonged to an 'extremely wealthy family' alongside the carriage that - presumably - the two horses would have once pulled.


The incredible find was made by the archaeologists from the City Museum Vinkovci and the Institute of Archaeology in Zagreb. They found the chariot - known in Roman times as a cisium - at the site called Jankovacka Dubrava, near to the village of Stari Jankovci in eastern  Croatia. For further details see link:


Fossilized Roman Chariot with Two Horses found in Croatia




On a Personal Note



     Veronica Hughes U of Alabama

Veronica Hughes-University of Alabama



I am pleased to announce that my granddaughter, Veronica Hughes, a sophomore at the University of Alabama, has earned a 3.75 GPA and is now on the school's president list. She is a pre-law major. When she graduates, she plans to return to California and attend law school, hopefully at Santa Clara University.






  Chris fishing Redwood Landing Marina, Redwood City, CA  Steve fishing Redwood Landing Marina Redwood City,CA

                                              Chris & Steve Hughes Fishing         





While I was down in San Jose, California, weekend of Oct. 17-21, conducting two book signings at Barnes & Noble (Blossom Hill, San Jose and Gilroy, CA), my son, Chris and I, managed to get in a bit of fishing. We spent a couple of hours, on a breezy but warm afternoon, at the Redwood Landing Marina, Redwood City. The Marina is located in an inlet at the south end of San Francisco Bay. We fished for sand sharks, rays and striped bass. No luck, but apparently a school of fish hit our lines as we had several consecutive strikes. No matter, it was fun to spend a couple hours as father and son.




   Steve Liberty Lake AC

Steve working out at the Liberty Lake Athletic Club



It appears I may become a poster guy for senior citizens at the Liberty Lake Athletic Club where I have worked out with my personal trainer, Lisa Heath, for more than two years. A couple of pictures were taken last week while working out and placed on Face Book. The director of the gymnasium asked permission to use them in an FB advertisement, to encourage seniors to get into better health through exercising. You are never too old to start. We'll see if this pans out.




That's all until next time. 




Salve Atque Vale! Hale and farewell!






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