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Friday, April 30, 2021

Salute! Farewell My Friends



Jess Steven Hughes

    Author Jess Steven Hughes



 To my friends. After a lengthy bout of soul searching, I have decided to take a hiatus from my writing of at least six months, maybe more. Years ago, my goal was to write a historical novel about ancient Rome and Britain; I wrote five. I did not expect to go beyond the first novel, which became part of the Britannia Romanus Series, published by Sunbury Press (www.sunburypress.com).




Although I am in the middle of book six, I cannot go on at this point. I need a break and will be pursuing other interests for the time being. Many of you know that I have a passion for outdoor model railroading and have for the last thirty years. With few interruptions, I have been in model railroading since I was five years old.




Along with photography and traveling, I will continue to pursue my first hobby. I will continue to follow my fellow Authors/Writers and my intense interest in Roman history and other historical aspects. This is not farewell as I will stay on FB. Still, I am pursuing another road for want of a better word.





Thank you for your understanding and support.












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