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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Publishing Update



Check out the new page, Pets and Hobbies. You will see I have other interests besides writing. After all, "man doth not live by writing alone."




Partial submissions have been emailed to British Literary Agent Andrew Mann and a submission snail mailed to Publisher Myrmidon Books. Partial submissions have been sent by email and snail mail to six more British literary agents.


Publishing Update


As I mentioned in the March 26 entry, I broke my contract with Aberdeen Bay Publishers.  Since that time, I have contacted the website,  Preditors & Editors, who track the activities of literary agencies and publishers. In turn they placed in red letters, next to the name of Aberdeen Press, "Not Recommended."

Article Published


You can still purchase the December 2010 issue of Down in the Dirt Magazine, which contains my historical mystery short story, Death Most Poisonous, by going to the short story page.


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