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Monday, May 2, 2011

Publishing Update
Pets & Hobbies

View the new pictures I have added to the pets and hobbies page.

Publishing Update

Currently, I have 30 query letters or partial submissions, for The Sign of the Eagle, in the hands of literary agents and publishers. There is one E-publisher that will publish my novel (if I don't find another one first) when they re-open for submissions, January, 2012.

 Writing Contest

I have entered The Sign of the Eagle and my short story, Death Most Poisonous, in the Public Safety Writers Association Competition in the novel and short story categories. I won't know until July if I won anything. Wish me luck.  


While I am waiting to land a literary agent or publisher for The Sign of the Eagle, I am busy rewriting my historical novel, Wolf of Britannia. If that weren't enough, I have already written thirty-eight chapters of a new novel, The Broken Lance. I have been reading chapters and it is being critiqued (more like trashed!) by the Spokane Novelist and Spokane Valley Writers support groups. They keep me very honest.


See the trivia page for the fourth and final installment on Apartment Living in Ancient Rome.

That's all until next time. Vale, Farewell!

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