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Monday, July 1, 2013

Duology Update

Evaluation - The Wolf of Britannia Wolf of Brittanica


Some of you may remembered I submitted my manuscript THE WOLF OF BRITANNIA to my book doctor/editor for review. I just received a four page evaluation (down from twenty-three pages last time) along with a partially line edit copy of my manuscript. The biggest issues she found that need to be fixed are dialogue and individual thoughts. The following is a partial from the evaluation:


"Voice: You know exactly what you want everyone to say, but I still think you need to work on writing dialogue and thoughts (see the next section for more on thoughts) in each character's unique voice. So really go through your lines of dialogue and add some "oomph" to reflect each character's personality. Almost everyone sounds the same, so now that you know what you want to say, and have done so much work on the story, go back and tweak that dialogue so that each character is distinctive. Most of your characters' voices show promise in certain scenes, but their dialogue is not consistent in reflecting each individual's personality (and in most cases, you must still decide what that personality is). You don't have to do an overhaul of all of your dialogue--your characters are saying what you need them to say to advance the story--but you should re-craft the lines so that they are stronger for your characters..."


As to length this is what she had to say: "Length: I think that the length of the story (160,000 words) is doable for a historical novel. I definitely don't think that you can divide this into two parts, or should. If you need to get it down, it would require a line edit, as I don't see any huge chunks that can be taken out without sacrificing the story. I suppose you could completely cut out Porcius (he is the Roman adversary and only other POV I use other than Caratacus) if needed to get it down to size for cost reasons or because your publisher wants it shorter.
Caratacus is the main character and the story could technically be told solely from his POV (point of view)."


In all honesty to delete Porcius's POV would reduce the story's effectiveness as far I am concern.

I contacted Lawrence Knorr, publisher of Sunbury Press, and The Sign of the Eagle. He said they would publish it as a duology and release the two volumes close together. It will take me at least six months to complete the rewrite.


Barnes & Noble Scheduling Update


I am currently lining up several book signings at Barnes & Noble stores in Washington State for The Sign of the Eagle. They are as follows: Bellevue, Kennewick, Olympia, Tukwila, Federal Way (Sept. 28th) and Spokane Valley (Oct. 5th). Most likely the schedule will be finalized by the end of July. I will post the dates on the book signing page at that time. Also, I am lining up signings at the Hastings Entertainment stores as well. So far Moscow, Idaho, Spokane - South Hill, and Spokane Valley, Washington are on board. I expect to have Boise, Idaho, and Walla Walla, Washington, on on the list too. Am looking to see if it would be feasible to add Hastings in Helena, Montana, to complete the list.


Bay Area Barnes & Noble Signing (?)


I contacted the Community Relations Manager at Barnes & Noble -Stevens Creek, San Jose, California. She is going to schedule me for a book signing at their store. She will let me know the specific date when she finalizes her schedule. There are currently three B&N stores in San Jose with Stevens Creek store the biggest of the trio. I will tie this into a visit with my son, Chris, and his family who live in the San Jose area.


The Broken Lance The Broken Lance


Because I am concentrating my efforts in the rewrite of The Wolf of Britannia, I have suspended the rewrite of The Broken Lance. However, since I have rewritten fifty-two chapters but have only read thirty-four to the Spokane Novelist Group, I will continue reading the chapters at our bi-weekly meetings. I will still make any corrections they suggest. Usually, I can make them in a couple of hours. Right now, I have enough to read to the group for the next ten months (longer since I will miss several meetings because I will be conducting book signings).


Notes on the Ancient World


I have added another encore article, Apartment Living in Ancient Rome, Part I, to the Notes on the Ancient Page. If you missed the first time around, now is your time to catch up. I think you will enjoy it. It should make you appreciate how much better are today's living conditions.

That's all for now. Until next time, Salve et Vale! Hail and farewell!


Jess Hughes

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